Aura Clearing

red button smallHave you ever wondered why you feel stuck and cannot create an ideal, lasting relationship that you know you deserve?

red button small Do you have an extra 15 pounds of weight that you just can’t shed?

red button small Do you feel like there are unseen forces that are stopping you from achieving your goals and truly being great?

red button small Are you working harder to make more money but you’re actually making less money than the previous year?

red button small Do you dream of pursuing your passion in life but the fear of failure and fear of the unknown disables you?

The Answer

Energy BlockageAfter a lifetime of ups and downs, I finally discovered the answer. What I learned is that if you are attempting to do something and you cannot do it, then there is an ENERGETIC BLOCKAGE in your Aura field.

The Aura is an energy field or light body that surrounds the physical body. It is made up of an electro-magnetic energy unique to each individual and within the energy body are seven bodily chakras. The Aura contains your personal history giving clues as to what has happened in your past and what frequencies you project that draw negative events into your present, such as illness, lack of money, and broken relationships. These holographically-recorded beliefs are the reason you attract or repel experiences into your life.

Because of unfinished business, belief systems, thoughtforms, contracts, emotions, and past analogical experiences of stress and trauma, most people have auric attachments. The Auric Clearing is an energetic calibration that is achieved by removing specific auric attachments, such as occupants, identities, discarnates, and negative thoughtforms from your chakras as well as closing portals and wormholes. When viewing auric attachments through your third eye, the attachments appear as holes or dark areas in the auric field which represent unresolved business and stagnant energy.

If these blockages are not cleared from your chakras, you will be unable to fully embody your Higher Self. Blockages hinder your ability to manifest your goals, dreams, and desires. Energy blockages are also the source of physical illness and disease.

Where Do These Energy Blockages Originate?

We create an occupant, attachment, or a belief when we experience an analogical state of mind. “Going analogical” feels like time standing still and is experienced when we are angry or fearful. This belief or soul less thoughtform originates from a traumatic event in childhood or adult years when we express negative emotions. As an example, if a husband announces to his wife that he has charged $20,000 on their joint credit card with the intent to default, the wife would emotionally energize a thought. If she emotionally energizes the thought, “All men betray,” then she fractures off a soul fragment, creates an ID, stores this energy in her heart chakra, which controls love, trust, and betrayal issues. Even if she divorced and entered a new relationship, she will attract a partner that will repeat similar patterns because this belief is fixed in her heart, creating a karmic loop. The woman could talk to a therapist and understand where it originated, but the energy does not shift, as the energy still exists as a frequency pattern. The ID becomes active when she talks to the therapist and remains active when she walks out the therapist’s door. To clear the pattern, it needs to be unplugged from the neural nets of the brain. This is what I do in the Auric Clearing Session. Once the ID is cleared, the karmic loop ends and healthy relationships can be formed.

Why Do I Feel Anxiety, Fear, or Have Panic Attacks?


anxiety from discarnate, auric attachment, occupant

If you are experiencing intense fear, anxiety, and panic attacks, typically you have two or more Discarnates in your auric field that are pulsing fearful thoughts or voices into your mind. They are using your emotional energy to generate their life force. Discarnates are earthbound beings who are dead but have not traveled through the tunnel to the Plane of Bliss. They attach to people like parasites feeding off their energy like food. Sometimes the Discarnate does not even know that it is dead. I realize this sounds far fetched and dramatic, yet many modern shamans such as Hamilton Souther, Stuart Wilde, Kris Krepcik, Drunvalo Melchezedek, and Toby Alexander calmly explain that Discarnates are the biggest problem we have on the planet. Toby Alexander has stated, “I’ve yet to see one person that didn’t have at least one discarnate in their field.”

Discarnates keep a person in a state of fear, mentally stuck, and contribute to your worries about safety, money, and survival. It is common for a Discarnate to encourage you to do unhealthy habits such as drinking, smoking, using drugs and pills, and eating in excess. In the Auric Clearing Session, I will scan your energy field and clear all discarnates so that the only voice you can hear is the one from your Higher Self.

Possible Benefits From the Auric Clearing Session

Benefits Results of Auric Clearing

  • Manifest Financial Abundance
  • Manifest your Soul Mate
  • Eliminate Fear to Pursue your Dreams
  • Lose Weight and Obtain your Ideal Figure
  • Quit Smoking
  • Free yourself from Confusion and Gain Mental Clarity
  • Raise your Energy
  • Return to a State of Childhood Joy
  • Attract a New Job or Business Venture Opportunities
  • Attract a Higher Frequency of Friends
  • Mental Well Being and Physical Health
  • Embody Divine Love for Yourself and Humanity
  • Activate your Seven Higher Senses, such as Telepathy

When this is done, it is like removing massive baggage from yourself.  After your session, you will feel lighter, at peace with yourself, centered, clear, and your frequency will have risen significantly attracting you to a higher “grid” of people, places, times, things, and events into your life.

If you do not change something inside of you energetically, then you stay the same.  For example, are you in better shape physically, emotionally, and financially than three months ago?  Are you about the same or worse? For most people, they are the same or worse.  If you do not do something different in the next 90 days, it is highly likely that you will not manifest different results.

How Do I Perform the Healing Session?

The Auric Clearing session is provided via Skype or Distance Healing, which means I connect to your Higher Self who guides me as to what needs to be cleared. Distant Healing functions on intent and the power of consciousness regardless of your physical location. If you choose Skype, I will be able to share my computer screen so that you can see the codes. If you choose Distance healing, simply rest comfortably on your bed while I use specific codes and commands to direct the frequency and make the quantum shift.

Your Higher Self identifies and shows me the highest priority auric attachments that need to be cleared from each of your chakras and all 15 levels of your awareness.  The energy blockages are cleared permanently on the quantum level and unplugged energetically from the neural nets of the brain.  At the end of the session, I will infuse you with new cords, new templates, and new soul programming from your Higher Self so that you can make a quantum leap in your own evolutionary soul awakening. The service is completed in an hour.

You are welcome to select Aura Clearing individually, however, if you are planning to do DNA Activation, it is recommended that you first have an Aura Clearing, Karma Clearing, and Unnatural Death Seals Removal to achieve best results with DNA Activation.

Once you order your session, I will email you options for dates and times for the appointment. If you are perceptive of subtle energy, you may feel or see the changes occurring in your aura during the session as well as afterwards.

My desire is to help you to make all of your choices in line with your Higher Self. This is what life is all about and when you do this, your life just flows.

To gain access to your Auric Clearing session, click on the link below.

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