My name is
Deborah Bravandt.

I am an NLP Practitioner, shaman, healer, sage, and founder of Emotional Intelligence Blueprint. Prior to this work, I was an account executive in video production and business owner of a construction subcontracting business.

Emotional Intelligence Blueprint evolved from clients requesting release from their cyclical emotions and a desire to create more income. I believe the greater the emotion, the greater the potential for financial sabotage. Implementing my two childhood gifts of empathy and clairsentience, which are a feeling-based awareness of the origin of an individual’s distress, I focused on understanding where thoughts, emotions, and mindsets are held in the body and how to naturally release them with words.

It is my belief that a specific thought creates a specific emotion, which creates a specific mindset, and that these chains of energetic indicators are firmly held in the body forever unless they are released. Just as words are used to create complexes, words can be used to delete complexes.

Deleting complexes is like deleting malware on your computer, which results in higher productivity, happiness, and confidence.

Through trial and error, I created specific commands for transmuting thoughts, emotions, and mindsets that are held in the body. After having success with myself, I tested my work on willing clients who also experienced results. Emotional Intelligence Blueprint is the result.

When these “malware of the mind” programs are deleted, you evolve out of a state of misery, pain, and suffering and into benevolent power. It is vibrational harmony, which is the Divine Blueprint.

Whether you want to raise your income, find a soul mate, attract the right job, spend more time with your family, activate new gifts, be self empowered, or find your soul mission in life, Emotional Intelligence Blueprint is the key to breaking pattern from the broken map you inherited to gain your Free Will Choice. If you desire to change your reality, I desire to help you.

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Deborah Bravandt