DeborahMy name is Deborah Bravandt. I am a Sacred Geometry Practitioner, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, and founder of Clear the Slate Method.

Upon completing training in the transformational arts of shamanism, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and the sacred geometry of the Codes of AH©, I noticed that many individuals experienced repetitive financial suffering, relationship struggles, and many other pains frequently labeled by others as “bad karma” or “poor choices” even though the individual had long learned the lesson and divine right order had been chosen.

Journeying into my own halls of pain and suffering, I understood that humans have been fed a lie. The 15-dimensional time and space matrix where we reside is based upon a false concept that the Shadow Body is YOU. It is not. The shadow body creates thoughtforms, emotions, and mindsets in humans in a way that we accept and follow without question. It is like an uninterruptible broadcast feed into our DNA template, and our DNA is our projector of our reality. When these parasitical programs are deleted, you evolve out of a state of misery, pain, and suffering and into a heart and mind based consciousness. It is love. It is benevolent power. It is vibrational harmony. It is the Divine Blueprint.

I am an Indigo Type 1 being whose soul group of origin is Hadarian and Sirian. Hadarians hold the unique gift of the 528 hertz frequency while Sirians are deliverers of the divine blueprint. The 528 hz facilitates transformation of the body by influencing the water molecules that surround the DNA helix. The most significant changes for my clients has been the removal of lifetime patterns of heavy emotions, thoughtforms, and mindsets, an increase in financial abundance, and the ability to feel happy. The 528 hertz frequency emanates through my voice and presence.

Whether you want to raise your income, find a soul mate, attract the right job, spend more time with your family, activate new gifts, be self empowered, or find your soul mission in life, quantum work facilitated by specific commands can help you. If you desire to change your reality, I desire to help you.

Love and Joy,

Deborah Bravandt



A list of my additional certifications and courses:

  • The Path of the Modern Shaman – 2012
  • Certified Golden DNA Activation Practitioner – January 2013
  • Indigo Awakening Codes of AH in Las Vegas – April 2013
  • Transcendental Rebirthing – 2013
  • Unstoppable Motivation Code of AH – 2013
  • Awakening the Kundalini – 2013
  • Thought Manifestation Engineering – 2013
  • Emotional Mastery – 2013
  • Soul Level Wealth – 2013
  • Awakening and Rebirthing the Spiritual Mogul in Las Vegas – January 2014
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner – December 2014
  • Master the Reading of the Intelligent Space Event in Las Vegas – February 2015
  • Certified Advanced Masters Level Codes of AH Practitioner – May 2015
  • Certified Golden DNA Activation 2.0 Practitioner – February 2016


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