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Anxiety is Linked to Lies

A man was jealous of a woman’s power, so he decided to marry her. He had to lie to get her and she bought it.

He felt a flood of excitement flow through his body. He had conned her and he could do it again. He continued his lies for years, knowing it was necessary to keep her in place. He did not find it strange that she believed him, but he did find it strange that his excitement of lying created a numb, sluggish feeling. She, however, felt an increasing sense of dread without any explanations. One day, she realized she did not believe him anymore and she said, “No more lies.” Her dread was removed. The man felt something new. He felt anxiety.

Lies are never hidden. No one ever gets away with a lie even if someone “bought” the lie. The lie lingers in the body just as a software program holds space on a computer. How does the lie manifest pain in the body? Anxiety.

Anxiety is an emotional indicator of the creation of a deception. The liar may feel temporary relief that people believed him or her, but slowly the anxiety creeps forward like a demon waking you from your sleep. It hits in waves until the anxiety becomes dread and it is all you feel.

What is the result? Stagnancy.

The Lie-Anxiety-Stagnant complex is a lock on your subatomic particles and scalar waves, which is a lock on your power to manifest. To break free from the Lie-Anxiety-Stagnant complex, the key is to break down all energetic elements of control in the body to gain freedom.

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