Are You an Indigo? What is your DNA Activation Potential?

  • Deborah Bravandt
  • March 15, 2017 3:15 pm

Are you an Indigo? What is your DNA Activation Potential?

are you an indigo what is your dna activation levelAre you an Indigo? What is your DNA activation potential? There are three types of Indigos on earth and each type has a different DNA template.

Indigos are HUman beings who once lived in another star system before they came to earth. Starseed is a common term to explain their lineage, which means that they came from other star systems like Sirius, Hadar, Pleiadia, Parallel, Polarian, Mission Realm, and many others.

If you are reading this, chances are you are an Indigo being and this is your awakening.

To understand the purpose of Indigos journeying to earth, it is important to understand the bloodline and DNA lineage of humanity. The mass majority of humanity has an 11-strand DNA template. 11-strand is a reference to the highest dimension a person can ascend to in this time matrix. Earth is a 15-dimensional time matrix.

All human beings with an 11-strand DNA template once had a 12-strand DNA template that was convoluted many years ago. One of the entities that seeded planet 950 billion years ago was Metatron who is part of a collective that created the Christos Founder Races. A group of Elohim based in the 11th dimension blended biologically with fallen entities who opposed Universal Laws, empathy, and divine love. Due to the blending of their DNA and bloodline, it caused a literal downfall of earth, consciousness, and their DNA template. They were locked in the 11th dimension without any way to ascend into the 12th dimension until their DNA template was corrected.

11-strand DNA template human beings are starseeds in that they have lived elsewhere prior to coming to earth, so 11-strand is simply a reference to their current circumstance as the goal is to evolve back to 12-strands of consciousness. 11-strand DNA template human beings are the beings from history known as Noah-Abraham-Moses-Nibiruian-Nephilim-Jehovian-Anunnaki-Illuminati lineage.

Since the Fall, many 11-strand DNA template beings have raised their consciousness and activated their partiki of empathy, Universal Laws, in addition to spiritual gifts.

Angelic Beings are also called Earthers in that earth is their first experience of life. They hold a 12-strand DNA Oraphim Template, yet they are young in their evolution.

Knowing that humanity was locked in this time matrix without any means to ascend and the blind subjugation of humanity’s free will choice by parasites, Indigos chose to come to earth to restore the Divine Blueprint.

Indigo Type 1 Indigo Type 2 Indigo Type 3 DNA activation levelThere are three types of Indigos on earth.

Indigo Type 3 beings are two beings in one body. They are composed of an 11-strand DNA template being and a 12-strand DNA template being. The 11-strand DNA template being chose to enter the Emerald Covenant in 1875 for DNA template bio-regenesis.

The basis of bio-regenesis is joining two souls in one body to restore the missing 12th DNA strand that has been missing from the Noah-Abraham-Moses-Nibiruian-Nephilim-Jehovian-Anunnaki DNA template for eons of time. The 12th strand of the Angelic being provides the necessary key for the Nephilim being to pass through Stargate 12, and the Nephilim provides starseed knowledge and consciousness that the Angelic being would not have known in order to ascend.

It may sound strange to have two beings in one body, but it is more common than you think. There are roughly 3.7 million Indigo Type 3 beings on the planet. An Indigo Type 3 can be composed of two men in one body, two women in one body, or a man and woman co-sharing a body. When a man and woman share one body, this can create beings who are bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, asexual, or gender non-conforming. Not all gay and lesbians are two-souls in one body as magnetic and electrical partiki can dictate sexual attraction.

While the majority of gays and lesbians are typically singular souls in one body, transgender and gender non-conforming beings are always two-spirited, two souls in one body. Many children are being born during this time period as Transgender children to help balance the masculine and feminine energies within themselves and thus be wayshowers to singular soul beings who will need to balance their own masculine and feminine energies for this ascension time period. Above all, Indigo Type 3 LGBT beings and Indigo Type 3 heterosexual beings experience expansion of consciousness with two souls in one body, which is necessary in the journey of learning compassion, empathy, and Universal Laws.

Indigo Type 2 beings hold a 24-strand DNA template, which means they can hold up to 24 levels of consciousness. They came to earth during this ascension time period, or Stellar Activation Cycle, to provide etheric and holistic healing. They are often gifted with the natural ability to heal the human light body and create wellness centers that step beyond older modalities of healing. They are the way showers for embodying the principle of unification and serving as the example of how to live in harmony with all things. There are roughly 3.8 million on the earth at this time.

Indigo Type 1 beings have a 48-strand DNA template, which means that they can hold up to 48-strands of consciousness. There are only a small number of Indigo Type 1 beings on the planet currently, specifically 400. They have contracts that involve restoring the divine blueprint on a micro and macro level. 48-strand DNA template is a reference to a being having all 12 Master Key Codes and 144 Encryption Key Codes encoded in their DNA that are needed to pass through the 12 Star Gates for ascension. The Indigo Type 1 being has the power to override the fallen nature of  Star Gates 1-11 by drawing the Divine Blueprint through Star Gate 12 and into all dimensions of this time and space based reality.

Additionally, Indigo Type 1 beings also have contracts with certain land demographics and are holding specific codes for earth precisely for this time of Ascension. They hold frequency in their body that can anchor those transmissions into Ley Lines and Axiatonal Lines of the earth.

It is extremely useful to know if you are an Indigo and your type so that you know your level of DNA potential. Knowing this helps you understand why you are on Earth at this time of evolution. DNA Activation with the Codes of AH© is essential to the process of awakening to your Indigo nature as it aligns you to your true soul purpose on Earth.

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