Creating Emotional Intelligence Through Self Review

  • Deborah Bravandt
  • June 17, 2016 9:29 am

Creating Emotional Intelligence through self review is easy.

We think WE create OUR emotions. The truth is, we are possessed by EMOTIONS that were given to us. EMOTIONS are like donations that we unconsciously gift one another.

We project, share, and broadcast emotions and thought forms unconsciously without saying a WORD out loud.

Let’s say you send an emotionally charged thoughtform to another person. The receiving person will receive that emotionally charged thoughtform on a subconscious level. The receiver reverses the message and believes he or she created the emotionally charged thoughtform.

The mass population interprets emotions and thoughtforms from the lower three chakras instead of the higher senses, which is why humans personalize the message.

To interpret your feelings from higher senses is to experience extrasensory perception. For example, if you can feel the thoughtform in your body and aura, this is Clairsentience. If you can see the thoughtform as light configurations, this is Clairvoyance. If you can hear the message or thoughtform, this is Clairaudience. These gifts can be developed through activation of neurotransmitters and scalar waves of consciousness, also known as DNA Activation.

If you do not have these gifts, then symbols of thoughtforms appear in your dream state as unidentified raw emotions and mindsets. It is important to learn the art of interpreting your feelings as this allows you to have power to let go of negative emotions and mindsets and remain in a state of love. This is Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence can be learned.

Let me give a real example:

Some years ago, a mother took her six-year-old boy into a public women’s bathroom where there was a woman breastfeeding her baby. The six-year-old boy was awestruck by the nature of affection as well as the partial nudity. The mother was upset that the boy was starring at the breastfeeding, so she sent a thought, “Stop staring at her, it’s disgusting!” The impressionable boy received the emotionally charged thoughtform in his third chakra. This developed into a fixed mindset. The boy became a man who believes that any reference to breastfeeding is disgusting and shameful.

It would be easy to judge the mother of the young boy in this story, and yet, the emotionally charged thoughtform was not her own creation. When she was a six-year-old girl, she was curious about her own mother’s breastfeeding and the nature of how breast milk was produced. As she asked innocent questions of her mother, her father yelled, “That’s enough!” Her father projected his shame onto his daughter. If you looked into the history of this family, there would be a systemic legacy of shaming.

Djwhal Khul says, “The problem is that neither your projections nor those of others are coming from the present moment. The mind can only work through a continual regurgitation of past perceptions and interpretations.” The Matter of Mind: An Explorer’s Guide to the Labyrinth of the Mind By Kathlyn Kingdon

Why do we receive emotionally charged thoughtforms?

IF someone blames you and you receive that blame, you hold a polarity belief that you are GUILTY. Guilt magnetically attracts blame, blame attracts judgment, and judgment attracts punishment.

If you are indeed BLAMELESS, you will not receive the emotionally charged thought. This is IMPECCABILITY.

As a Code of AH Practitioner, I have discovered that when I treat mindsets exclusively as self creations, the mindsets are firm and hard to remove. I have found the best way to eradicate old emotions and mindsets is to treat the emotion as someone else’s baggage, as if someone left their suitcase inside your light body. When negative emotions and mindsets are treated like intruders, they leave!

Try this exercise. It’s helpful if you have a method to test the answer, such as muscle testing or higher sensory perception. If you have anger towards another person, ask, “Is this my own anger?” If you feel that anger thoughtform originated from another person, ask, “What mindset attracted it?” If the person is angry due to a misunderstanding, make amends. If this person is angry with you for unprovoked reasons, then let it go. Ask, “What is the best mindset to adopt?”

Djwhal Khul says, “Carry yourself with integrity. Carry yourself with a sense of vastness. Let your inner world be calm…Learn how to love, really love! Love not from a perspective of a self, where the mind says, “I love you,” but learn to become the very field of love.” The Matter of Mind: An Explorer’s Guide to the Labyrinth of the Mind By Kathlyn Kingdon

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