Drop Depression by Changing your Strategy

  • Deborah Bravandt
  • September 1, 2017 3:24 pm

An advertising executive was known as Power Hour for his ability to close new clients by creative concept. Power Hour believed in himself, even though he was considered anti-social by his co-workers, as he valued running marathons, meditating, and sketching concepts over socializing in his off hours.

Jealous co-workers hatched an agenda. They would diminish his creative ideas to cause doubt. The team would respond in disgust to Power Hour’s ideas in order to delegate all creative concepts to the senior manager.

The senior manager was known for his laziness. He was well compensated for his ability to socialize with female co-workers and praise the god of golf with male co-workers. The senior manager was paid to solicit nothingness.

When Power Hour landed a new client, the team looked to the senior manager for his ideas, but he was no where to be found. This might seem strange for a team sabotage a co-worker as this group mindset could potentially sabotage the company and their future. Yet, the company was known for its name and history of success, so many advertising executives were successful simply by showing up.

Power Hour lost many clients. His sales dropped to an all-time low, which created a belief in smallness. He felt overwhelmed with the belief that he lacked creativity, which created depression.

Power Hour contemplated his choices. He could abandon his career or he could change his strategy.

The change in strategy was a belief in his gift rather than lack and limitation. He would convert his sketches into software programs so that he had something to show the client during the team presentation. He would be prepared.

Power Hour followed through with his concepts, causing clients to follow. His success was greater than any previous months. This shocked the team as they wondered why he had traded his belief in diminishment for confidence.

Lack creates depression, which leads to abandonment. Lack is a thoughtform and a belief that creates lack of money, lack of clients, lack of options, lack of dignity, etc. Drop the belief in lack AND change your strategy, you end depression.

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