Aura Clearing

When the will is free, the creative power is limitless.


If your answer is “NO,” please understand that you were created to be expansive, powerful, and integrity beings who were able to finish what you started.

You were created to love and enjoy the essence of reality.

You were created to set high intentions and get results every time.

You were created to move forward in life with fearlessness.

What are you experiencing?

Lack of love. Depression. Sadness. Failed creations. Loss. Illness. Blame. Addictions. Resentment. Needs. Cruelty. And Fear, Fear, Fear.

You are experiencing these emotions and viruses of the mind because you DO NOT have the power to enact all your choices. You have the power to enact choices within a set of circumstances, and circumstances are limitations.

Why are you limited?

Humans have not had true Free Will choice as it has been limited. In truth, you entered a dimension that has entrapment contracts and enslavement agreements that govern your reality. These contracts are held in place by hooks at the quantum level, which block Universal Laws and the ability to surpass pain, suffering, and overwhelm.

Free will has been subjugated and suppressed by energetic devices or fabricants that reside at the subatomic level, chakras, aura, and morphogenetic field, such as auric attachments, unintended creations, occupants, discarnates, negative guides, complexes, identities (ids), personas, implants, black magic, cords, portals, wormholes, and your own book of rules for losing in the game of manifestation that I call the Suit of Suffering or False Karma. 

list of energetic fabrications

The Aura is an energy field or light body that surrounds the physical body. It is made up of an electro-magnetic energy unique to each individual with seven bodily chakras. In addition, Humans hold an additional eight morphogenetic chakras that relate to additional layers of spiritual evolution.

All frequencies that exist within your light body will attract negative experiences into your lifetime, such as illness, lack of money, and broken relationships.

In order to experience TRUE free will, it is important to clear your Aura and Morphogenetic Field of all parasitical tools, devices, and blockages. If these energetic programs, tools, or devices are not cleared and revoked, it will create a looping, repetitive karmic effect in which the same set of circumstances appear in your reality no matter how much effort, focus, and divine right order you apply to change your reality.

Who created the parasitical, energetic devices? The Dark Galactic Hierarchy.

The Dark Galactic Hierarchy is composed of many entities that split from Giovanni, an entity who was higher than an Ascended Master level of consciousness. He seeded planet earth. Since earth was created as a Free Will planet, other entities imposed and blended their convoluted DNA template with Giovanni’s creations. This blending convoluted the DNA of the human beings on planet earth, forced a fall in consciousness, and pulled Giovanni into this time matrix. Giovanni created an opposite, energetic reality to our physical reality to engage with humanity in a parasitical manner as he had lost his connection to Source. Without a connection to Source, he was doomed to experience soul death or be a parasite.

Thus, Giovanni created the Anti-Particle Reality to force the Shadow Body into humanity to allow access to humanity’s lights. Lights are the tools that humans use everyday to manifest money, health, relationships, and overall well being. If you are suffering, parasites are using your Shadow Body as a means for parasitical survival.

The Dark Galactic Hierarchy is commonly known as demons. They have many names, such as daemon, genie, jinn, fabricator, demiurge, yaoguai, yaomo, mogwai, fallen angel, and parasite. 

In order for the parasites to have complete control, they had to block Universal Laws in each human. How did they do it? They created the Shadow Body and attached this False Light to your light body. The Shadow Body is the tool that the dark ones use to connect to your lights of manifestation to enforce an emotional exchange between you and another human being, which keeps the parasites alive and you in a state of subjugation. In essence, every quarrel, fight, or disagreement is initiated by a parasite that is attached to the human through the shadow body, thus, free will is subjugated and humans are experiencing False Karma.

Parasites shut off their divine blueprint to become all mind. In the process of becoming all mind, they have no source of inner light. In order to avoid molecular compaction and soul death, they feed on human light by creating drama, chaos, emotions, thoughtforms, and mindsets. When two people meet and have an argument, a complex is formed in Person One while Person Two and the attached parasite gain lights of manifestation from Person One. It is a form of emotional theft and the distorted game of life. 

Because the Shadow Body exists, it allows demons to penetrate a person’s consciousness and temporarily speak, act, and do for any human for seconds, minutes, or even hours while the human believes the actions, words, and thoughts are their own.

If you are a compassionate being but have behavior inconsistent with your personality, you have been penetrated.

If you are a happy person but sadness and addiction underline your life, you have been penetrated.

If you are a powerful manifestor but your results fall flat, you have been penetrated.

If you exercise and eat right yet you gain weight, you have been penetrated.

In order to transmute fabrications that create a Shadow Body, I do a full Quantum Clearing using the Codes of AH©. I call it Quantum Clearing because it is an upgrade from my original training of the Aura Clearing as it goes deeper and stops the exchange of your lights of manifestation by eradicating layers of the Shadow Body. During this two hour session, I also start the activation level of your DNA. This session is the first of six sessions. The next step is Karma Clearing, also known as Complex Clearing.

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