Betrayal-Grief-Regret, Shame-Anger-Violence, Story

Be Authentic

A young man invested in Stock Good because it’s IP ratio was good compared to its debt. Stock Good climbed then quickly fell and and all was lost. The young man’s friends said, “You picked the wrong stock. You need Stock Better.” Young man did his due diligence and picked Stock Better, which climbed, climbed, and climbed until it fell.

Young man quickly got out and made a small profit. His friends said, “You should have gotten out quicker. You should have made more money.”

Young man researched Stock Best, found it sound, and bought it. Stock Best quickly rose until Mr. CEO Without Ethics announced, “Sorry, we lied about our third quarter earnings. Our numbers were a fraud…but at least I have my Ferrari.” Stock Best crashed.

Young man was heart broken. His friends said, “Your choices are sinful. If only you knew about the stock market like we do. You’re a fool and a loser.” Young man was diminished, hopeless, depressed, and full of shame. Perhaps his friends were right. If only he had made the better choice, like choosing Road Direct instead of Road Fun to get to work, or Bed Sleep instead of Bed Snooze, or Church Seriously Serious instead of Church Hike In The Woods.

In his diminishment, young man sat in silence and noticed his arms hurt. With his eyes closed, he could see attache cases in each of hands. With his eyes open, he saw nothing in his hands. With his eyes closed and using inner vision like a person awake in a dream, he looked into the contents of the attache cases. What he found was astonishing. Each time his friends criticized him, he saw a holographic version of himself giving a handful of cash to his friends. His friends took the cash, giving a middle finger salute, while laughing at young man. Young man considered abandoning his goals.

After young man’s inner vision ended, he decided to change everything in his life. He changed jobs and worked for Business Win-Win, flirted with Girlfriend Beautiful, befriended Man Kind, profited from Stock Ultimate, bought House Authentic, and loved every choice he made.

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