Aggression-Fear-Greed, Expectation-Disappointment-Sadness

Bodybuilder Blues

A muscle man who has learned to love his body

Bodybuilders get the blues. It’s true. Even the most confident are not immune from sadness.

How can I change from sad to happy?

Sadness is a mindset that is different than depression. It is akin to grief like a long term illness that forces its way into your life. Sadness is loss of a perfectly mapped intention that brought you friends, love, and happiness than disappeared like the storm that blew through your neighborhood, knocked out your power, and left you empty.

Sadness originates from a failed expectation, leading to blame, and ultimately fear. Fear pulses ideas of loss. It is the thought that you will lose a valuable possession, such as income, employment, assets, people, love, good times, health, and events. In truth, it is only one thing you fear losing. You fear losing power.

You fear the loss of power to hold a person’s devoted attention.

You fear the loss of power to control your income.

You fear the loss of power to manipulate your reputation.

You fear the loss of power to attract more.

What more are you really attracting?

The game of life is complicated indeed. If it were easy, everyone would be a billionaire who would not be going to jail for a ponzi scheme.  If it were easy, everyone would be a relevant celebrity rather than a bagging clerk. If it were easy, everyone would have a home rather than sleep anonymously in a stranger’s shed in order to avoid the harsh winter weather.

Fear leads to the emotion of aggression, which can be felt in many forms. Aggression is irritation, belligerence, antagonism, and even hostility. Aggression is the need to control the outcome which requires you to cross the line of ethics in order to abuse a person, time, or event.

Anyway you play the game of aggression, no one wins. Aggression is a zero-sum game.

How do you change from sadness into happiness?

Buddhism is based in detachment. I believe detachment means being inhuman or machine-like. Detachment is not my recommendation because you are human.

To be happy, it requires a release of fear. Release your fear of losing your job by believing you can attract a better job or even create your own business. Release your fear of losing your spouse or significant other by devoting your love to yourself and this person. Release your fear of losing your reputation by believing your reputation is an inanimate object that can be easily destroyed and rebuilt in days. Hollywood has proved this is possible time and time again.

Above all, adopt the philosophy of loving yourself. For when you love yourself, it becomes much easier to love other beings with intensity and attract your soul purpose. To love yourself, it means looking in the mirror and fully accepting all your sags, discolorations, and lines. It means accepting your fabricated steroid body to gain acceptance.  It means accepting all the silly jokes, beliefs, and dreams that you hold dear. Accept them all.

One by one, the lies that you are not divine die away. You are divine. Accept it.

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