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Complexes Explained

Carl Jung

Carl Jung describes a Complex as a sign of unconscious psychological conflict manifesting in the forms of feelings, beliefs, memories, perceptions, intentions, and puzzling behavior. He believed that the complex is like a unconscious knot on the mind, and because it is unknown, it behaves like an animated foreign body in the consciousness.

Through my own experience, I was able to visually experience thoughts, emotions, and mindsets in my body in specific locations that stretched into the subatomic and DNA level to create complexes. Through experience, I understand the full nature of complexes, how they are created, how they feel, what they create, and how to dismantle them.

Complexes are three forms of energy. They are Thoughts, Emotions, and Mindsets. Each form of energy is experienced in different stages and aspects of the body. For example, thoughts are often unconsciously held, rarely spoken, but experienced in the form of fear, shame, rejection, expectation, arrogance, pride, deception, doubt, jealousy, and lack.

Emotions are typically conscious but rarely traced back to the origin of the thought that created the emotion of anger, aggression, guilt, grief, disappointment, disgrace, anxiety, humiliation, or depression. As thoughts and emotions remain unchecked and unbalanced, it leads to the formation of mindsets, which frame your experience.

Mindsets are the final force that attract and repel experiences, such as sadness, obsession, blame, revenge, comfort, excuses, greed, loss, and regret.

Thoughts, emotions, and mindsets enter scalar waves, which are composed of a wave and its opposite, the anti-wave, forming humanity’s dualistic experience. Thoughts, emotions, and mindsets are indeed holograms that are inserted at the quantum level, rising in power in the unconscious mind. Humans share and gift one another their holograms like unwanted baggage, entering those who hold blame.

When a complex is formed, it creates a specific angular rotation of particle spin or a resulting experience. What is an angular rotation of particle spin? It is forward momentum of your subatomic particles. Our subatomic particles can spin at 360° or 360 different possibilities of winning or losing at life.

Joan of Arc

For example, the Joan of Arc identity attaches to the Perfection-Grief-Inferior complex, with inferiority infusing an unhealthy sense of responsibility. Joan of Arc identity blends with the Superman identity and martyr identity to create potential Personas such as the Terrorist. The terrorist has an addiction to competition and success while avoiding the ethics and values of human lives.

The absolute perfectionist is an additional persona layered on top of the Joan of Arc identity. Perfectionism seeks accomplishment and winning without analyzing why one country, or human, is deemed more valuable to god than another. Ids and personas are unconscious addictions of the mind.

When complexes and its many layers are transmuted, it releases your subatomic particles and scalar waves, which is another word for your DNA template. It creates wholeness, integrity, and peace. It frees your subatomic particles so that you regain the ability to manifest. As you focus on something you desire, your intent collapses scalar waves of consciousness into 3D. Your DNA literally becomes your projector of reality.

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