Susann Taylor Shier identified twelve soul groups in her book Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gift of your Soul. Soul group is a reference to a place of existence and origin prior to entering this time and space matrix. My soul group of origin is Hadarian and Sirian. Hadarians hold the unique gift of the 528 hertz frequency while Sirians are deliverers of the divine blueprint. The 528 hertz facilitates transformation of the body by influencing the water molecules that surround the DNA helix. The 528 hertz frequency is encoded into the recordings by way of my voice as it emanates through my voice and presence.

How do I know Shakti/528 hertz exists within me? My former mentor told me that I have this gift, which I have been able to verify from my own work with clients. I have a sensitive lightbody that translates feelings, images, messages, and voice from my clients as I work on their lightbody.

When I am in a Shamanic State of being, such as an anti-matter state, I remove complexes from an individual using my hands, breath, and intention. Shakti is felt more powerfully in an anti-matter, energetic state by way of my hands and mouth. It will translate into the physical body as blissfulness and a lightness of being. Shakti and the 528 hertz frequency also translate through the audio recordings and live sessions over Skype.

The 528 hertz frequency is Shakti energy. Shakti is a Sanskrit term for divine feminine energy. It is felt as blissful energy running through your body from the perineum to the scalp and back to the toes much like an orgasm. It is transformative in that it creates expansion, heightened senses, joy, soul memory, healing, balance of emotions, and infinite creative power.

Just as the 528 hertz frequency is a beneficial technology, so is sacred geometry. Sacred geometry, mandalas, fractals, or codes use Pi, Phi, the Golden Mean Ratio, and the Universal Laws. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio. It is found in nature, architectural design, art, photos, web design, etc. creating natural looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is beauty based in harmony and proportion. Universal Laws provide balance in realities that lack ethics and values.

Sacred geometry in the form of the Codes of AH© is an added technology that facilitates balance, order, and harmony in the individual. They are carrier codes to the subconscious mind that are initiated by verbal commands, carrying the intent to the places of the body to create transformation and change. You need not see the codes in order for them to work.

The audio recordings are available in MP3 format, which means that video is not included. The Codes of AH© are delivered in verbal format, meaning that the codes that are named in the commands carry a specific intent, thus the delivery of the codes is through frequency. It is similar to the art of distance healing in which the energy cannot be seen yet the words carry frequency and results.

You can see the codes during live sessions with Deborah. All live sessions are held over Skype so that you can hear the commands and see the codes on the computer screen. By visually seeing the codes, you gain the added benefit of mathematical programming of your DNA template, which is optical pineal induction. It is a method of upgrading the consciousness.

Video recordings are not yet available, but will be in the future, which will allow the viewing of the codes with an online subscription.

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Codes of AH© certifications by Brilliant Futures Institute

Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification by Steve G. Jones of American Union of NLP

Modern Shamanism training by Hamilton Souther and Malcolm Rossiter of

Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking from Brigham Young University



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