Punish-Humiliate-Isolation, Story

Firing Conceit

Narcissism is symbolically expressed as a woman walking on the heads of men and women. Conceit, arrogance, and self importance is closely associated to bullying.

Conceiterama was the mayor of AdoreMe. She required all low lives – citizens of AdoreMe — to bow 108 times before her photos that she posted on the city bulletin board. While bowing, bellowing, and sweating over her selfies, the citizens sang, “How Great Thou Art, Conceiterama,” while crying out about their diminished state. Conceiterama felt manic from the attention.

What caused this strange fervor to fall upon the villagers? Why did they willfully throng to her photos without realizing she was disgusted with them?

Conceiterama had one talent that no one else experienced. She had direct access to each villager’s causal body, which is another word for karmic body. She could leave her physical body, travel to the anti-matter realm, and install control blueprints in the causal body of each villager. And devoted they were until SHE arrived.

Lutfia was innocuous to Conceiterama’s manipulations because she had received a vaccination against fear, neediness, and condemnation. During required bowing times, Lutfia stood and witnessed. The villagers said, “You shall surely die!”

Lutfia said, “Eventually. But not today.”

The more Lutfia stood her ground, the more the villagers doubted Conceiterama’s potency. In time, no one bowed to the photos. Conceiterama was fired and exiled to Narcissus. Villagers requested that Lutfia be the new mayor but she declined as it was time to move on and break up harmful mindsets.

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