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We are Holographic Beings living in a physical reality, yet the physical reality is truly a hologram. A Hologram is created by a projection of sound, color, light, and symbols. There is no permanence to the holographic reality much like a dream is temporary, yet our consciousness is ever expanding, feeling, and creating within this holographic reality.

Just as the holographic reality is composed of sound, color, symbols, and light, so is all aspects of your god self that create you. The god self aspects are aspects of your consciousness separated by dimensions. There are fifteen dimensions in this time matrix. This god self is often called the Higher Self.

Your Higher Self speaks to you in the form of symbols, especially in your dreams. Dreams show you what you believe about yourself and how this creates your reality. Oftentimes humans do not even know how they feel about something on a conscious level, but dreams come from our subconscious so they will show you how you feel.

Your DNA can be activated because it also responds to sound, color, symbols, and light. The sound is generated by voice in the form of specific commands or "finely tuned mantras." The color, light, and symbols is generated by the Codes of AH©, which is a technology that carries the highest energy vibrations into the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the true leader and designer of your life for it controls 90% of your brain, so sending sounds, color, symbols, and light to your subconscious mind carried the forgotten, stored, and needed information into your consciousness. It connects all the missing links and puzzle pieces in your consciousness, creating true expansion. This is DNA Activation.

I was certified as a Golden DNA Activation practitioner by Toby Alexander in January 2013, a Neuro Linguistic Programmer (NLP) Practitioner by Dr. Steve G. Jones of American Union of NLP in December 2014, an Advanced Masters Level Codes of AH Practitioner by Ivonne Delaflor in May 2015, and a Golden DNA Activation 2.0 Practitioner by Ivonne Delaflor and Brilliant Futures Institute in February 2016.

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First, we will connect on Skype, which is a video and audio conferencing tool that can be used on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Second, you will be able to hear and see me while I share my computer screen. I share the Codes of AH so that you will be able to see them. The goal of seeing the Codes of AH is to upgrade your subconscious mind using this ancient yet modern technology. It entrains your conscious mind by going through your subconscious mind, which is the real boss of all decisions, thoughts, and emotions. By looking at the Codes, you are exercising optical pineal induction and upgrading your consciousness through witnessing the Codes.

Third, I will say commands outloud in your behalf that specifically initiate the Code to work in your subconscious mind and subtle bodies. Just as you cannot start a race without the start signal, the Codes work more effectively when you tell the Code what to do in your body and consciousness. In essence, I am the orchestra conductor of the symphony that plays in your consciousness.

You may feel a variety of effects during the session. It mostly feels like a massage of the lightbody, causing relaxation, delight, and a sense of safety.


DNA Activation and Kundalini Awakening are two different things. The Law of Vibration states that everything has an inter-relationship and the Law of Cause and Effect states that an action creates a reaction. One affects the other.

DNA Activation = DNA is amino-acids and amino-acids are transmitters of information throughout the physical and subtle bodies. Amino-acids transmit protein through the physical body while amino-acids transmit light through the subtle bodies. Light is Consciousness. The consciousness that I am referring to is held in your Unconscious and Subconscious minds, which is referred to as the Higher Self. 90% of our brain is considered unused and dormant because this information is held in the Unconscious and Subconscious Minds.

Just as you would turn on a light switch in a dark room, so can a person turn on the light switch of your mind  using specific symbols, colors, sound, and light. DNA Activation is the process of accreting light to turn on the scalar waves of consciousness.

Kundalini = life force or breath of fire. It is held at the root of the tailbone and travels up and down the chakras. When chakras are energetically blocked by seals, imprints, and auric attachments, it can cause harm to the body for Kundalini to rise. Once the chakras are cleared and the DNA is activated, the body responds by sending the life force to travel up and down as it naturally was meant to do. It is a natural ebb and flow. There is no forcing the Kundalini Awakening. It is a natural reaction of the two inter-relating functions of the subtle bodies.

Some people assume that you immediately become enlightened by Kundalini rising, but it is not an immediate thing. Enlightenment happens every day. It is a form of awareness.

Think of the body as being like an engine. One part affects another. When you turn on a vehicle with a key, is one thing turned on? No, there multiple parts of an engine that work in unison to make a functioning vehicle.

The Indian saints and gurus understood this information and would spend their life in the mountains because they were working with out-of-body (not incarnated) saints and gurus who would activate their DNA. It is Light Accretion and thus, less density of body. We are currently living in a time of a Stellar Activation Cycle, known as the Ascension, and that is why this information about DNA Activation came forward. Even if you do not consciously remember, you agreed to be a part of the Ascension by activating your own DNA. It is a benevolent agreement and part of our soul journey to help the earth ascend by activating the light body.

No, DNA Activation cannot harm you. The method wakes up light. The work is designed to activate dormant consciousness that can manifest as intuition, wisdom, self awareness, self mastery, and intelligence. The work is built on the basis of using symbols, light, color, and sound, which is the language of your Higher Self or unconscious and subconscious mind. Light cannot harm the body. What harms you is discordant thoughts, karmic imprints, and darkness.

What is darkness? Darkness is the Shadow Self aspect of the human mind. The shadow self is Personas, Identities, Occupants, Discarnates, and Auric Attachments all held in the unconsciousness. It is the aspect of the mind that is unaware and responds in anger or fear. More specifically, the shadow self creates karmic imprints, which is a distortion a person's energetic field and blocks a person from accreting light. Karma is the result of a decision or action in which a person has acted against divine right order. When you make a choice in line with Divine Right Order, your life flows.

Humans use 10% of their brain while 90% of the brain is the subconscious and unconscious mind. Ascended Masters are masters because they turned on more of their consciousness, cleared more than 51% of their karma, and live in Divine Right Order. The answer to mastery is turning on this genius by turning on light.



AH Means the Absolute Harmonic Universe. AH is known as the Golden Liquid Realms. It is a parallel dimension beyond earth’s 15 dimensional time matrix known as the Harmonic Universe. It is the Higher Self universe of HU (Harmonic Universe) where humans are experiencing life now.

Every session is based on the same protocol, yet, together we affect your session more powerfully. How? I activate the frequency of divine love in order to create benevolent change in your field while you agree to set your intention to the highest beneficial results. Intention is everything. Intention is the core of how we manifest and affect results.

For example, I had a client who had always wanted to quit smoking but had not been successful. During his Auric Clearing session, I followed the protocol plus I added some extra clearings specific to releasing the attraction to smoking. With just that one session, he quit smoking. Another client wanted to be able to dream again as she hadn't dreamt in over ten years. After following the protocol, I addressed the lack of dreaming with specific commands that would activate the pineal gland and dreaming function. She immediately began dreaming that night, continues to dream, and has been extremely delighted with the insight she receives from her Higher Self in her dreams. Another client had activated her DNA through another practitioner but was feeling and seeing no results. She came to me and I recommended that she receive an Auric Clearing, Karmic Clearing, and J-Seals Removal. Upon completion of these three sessions, she immediately experienced ascension symptoms in multiple ways such as the raising of her Kundalini, fevers, and a release of life threatening karma.

These clients share a common goal, which is bringing an intent or goal to the session.

During a Golden DNA Activation or any session involving the Codes of AH,  you can expect to feel blissful, relaxed, tingling sensations, tired, thirsty, and hungry. You might feel something leaving your body while a memory returns of a negative experience and yet a peace regarding this experience. You might experience a fever. The divine fever is a wonderful gauge as it tells you that you are burning off discordant energy from your light field. Old contracts, belief systems, karmic imprints, and negative thought forms are leaving your energy field. When old, stagnant, malevolent energy leaves your light field, it becomes easier to accrete light. Light is necessary for change, enlightenment, and ascension.

Some people have a more body dense experience and do not feel anything during each session. This is normal. It does not mean that the energy work is not affecting change. It simply means you are less aware of how those changes effect your body. You will most likely see changes over the week following your session and especially over the course of months and years.

To track your changes, I suggest that you start writing in a journal and taking note of your dreams, how you feel, and how you react to people in your life. Tracking changes is important, especially for a skeptic. If you are a self described skeptic, it is a sign that you need evidence of truth. Truth is essential to our progress because we live in a world of lies, confusion, and misinformation.

Your Higher Self speaks to you in the form of symbols, especially in your dreams. Dreams show you what you believe about yourself and how this creates your reality. Oftentimes humans do not even know how they feel about something on a conscious level, but dreams come from our subconscious so they will show you how you feel. Take note of the new experiences that you have with friends, family, co-workers, etc. Take note of anything unique and unusual. Take note of new thoughts and feelings. Some changes are subtle. Some changes are big. The work changes your frequency so it cycles in new creations to your life that are meant to be for your highest good.

Since our unconscious and subconscious minds speak in the language of symbols, light, color, and sound, I use a quantum energy technology based in those principles. I use sacred geometry tools and specific commands to shift negative, fixed thought forms, hidden belief systems, and systemic legacies held in the mind.

We are physical beings having an energetic experience. We are holographic in nature because the universe is holographic in nature. We store thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes in our unconscious, subconscious, and conscious minds. Beliefs that subjugate your Free Will or cause suffering are difficult to change just by intention alone, hence the need for Quantum Energy Tools.

Quantum Energy Sacred Geometry Tools are a specific technology clears negative cellular memory, ancestral patterns, hidden loyalties, and obedience to subjugating sources and re-patterns the divine blueprint. What is the divine blueprint? The divine blueprint is self empowerment, love, kindness, joy, vibrational harmony, and wisdom.

The Quantum Energy Sacred Geometry Tools create molecular intelligence, which translates into feeling peaceful and happy. This energy work transcends space and time and affects you immediately in the present moment.

The Codes of AH are an ancient technology that originate from the Absolute Harmonic Universe, which is the higher self universe of our time space matrix. The Codes are sacred geometrical structured mandalas encoded with sound, color, the Golden Ratio principles, numerology, many hours of chanting, meditation, and light. The Codes are filled with shaktipat and are living high frequency light particles. They are created in 3D by Ivonne Delaflor who connects to the Intelligent Space (The Field or God Consciousness) during meditation to see them. The Codes create positive change because they carry the highest energy vibrations into the subconscious mind and infuse the major chakras, which is necessary to activate change and accrete light. Brilliant Futures Institute is the sole owner of the rights of The Codes of AH.

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