Full Package for Live Sessions on Skype


The full package includes the following live sessions over Skype: DNA Activation, Quantum Aura Clearing, Karma Clearing, and Unnatural Seals Removal.

The full package includes the following live sessions over Skype:

  1. Quantum Clearing – This is a 2-hour deep clearing of energetic fabrications held in the Aura, Morphogenetic Field, and physical body. This session was formerly called “Aura Clearing.” The name has been changed to Quantum Clearing to reflect the deeper focus of clearing energetic fabrications at the physical body and subatomic level. In addition, your DNA will begin to activate in this initial session.
  2. Karma Clearing – This is a 1-hour session to transmute inherited karma, past lifetime karma, and additional priority energetic fabricants. Energetic fabricants enter through the left side of the body to create false karma while real karma is created on the right side of the body. Both contribute to one another, attracting looping and regurgitating karma. The goal of this session is to restore Universal Laws and your Free Will Choice.
  3. Unnatural Seals Removal – This is a 1-hour session to clear the seven J-Seals and seven “death” seals that block higher intuition, the seven higher senses (Siddhis), and ascension. The goal is to restore your divine gifts.
  4. Golden DNA Activation – This is 3 separate sessions that are each one hour in length. Each session includes the activation of four 1.0 and four 2.0 Codes in your DNA template, two extra Codes, with a total of 26 Codes overall. Each session includes a guided visualization that activates your neuro transmitters with templates of ascension, renovation, and actualization. It creates a connection to your Higher Self, soul purpose, divine love, joy, and abundance.

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