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Golden DNA Activation

Why is a Golden DNA Activation Important?

To understand the need for a Golden DNA Activation, you must first understand why you chose to experience the reality you are experiencing. You must first understand why you are here, then you will know that you desired an upgrade.

Why Did You Come to Earth?

Earth is an extreme experiential time and space matrix in which the individual must sever his or her connection to Source Consciousness or All That Is to understand polarity extremes. To sever one’s connection to Source is to lose divine love, a frequency of light that sustains the lightbody much like food and water sustains the physical body. Severing the connection to Source and divine love meant that humans would experience pain, suffering, cruelty, fear, and loss before experiencing the healing power of divine love.

Since humans are cut off from a source of direct light, humans are living off a limited source supply. Light quotient is a measurement of how much a person is holding within his or her template. If a person holds 51% of light or greater in his or her template, he or she is more likely to desire a Soul Connection, impeccability, and living in line with Universal Laws. If a person holds less than 51% of light, he or she is more likely to enjoy comfort as opposed to self awareness.

Why would any person choose to give up Divine Love?

In order to ascend in consciousness, a person must disconnect his or her immediate connection to Source in order to gain a Soul outside of time and space. Gaining a Soul connection allows the individual to expand in love greater than he or she has known prior to this experience. It’s a form of spiritually growing up, leaving home, and living an independent life. If you stay connected to Source, you remain a child while gaining a Soul is a form of becoming an adult.

To understand the purpose of switching from Source to Soul as your “immediate parent,” it important to understand that this is NOT your first lifetime. It is even more important to understand that this is NOT your first time and space matrix. In essence, you fell into this extremely difficult reality by choice in order to expand in your abilities, knowledge, kindness, and love.

If you came to earth to gain a Soul, what is stopping you?

Just as you fell into this time and space matrix for growth, so did the entity who would become the Soul of you. He/She needed to understand the opposite of divine love just as much as you did, otherwise, how could your Soul possibly understand you if he/she was not as experienced as you.

The entity known as your Soul are Jehovah and Sophia, who are twin flames representing the divine masculine and divine feminine as two separate beings. Jehovah is the entity named in the Bible, which is not stated to validate religion, cruelty, or Old Testament behavior. Sophia is known through many awakened circles as the Divine Mother of Creation.

Just as Jehovah and Sophia are ascended god creators of this time and space matrix, they are also fallen, blended, and split into twelve familiar archetypes known as Satan, Moloch, Lucifer, Leviathan, Mammon, Belial, Baal, Asmoday, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Balpeor, and Belphegor. These names are mentioned not to create fear, but to create understanding. When understanding is activated, expansion of consciousness is gained.

The twelve personalities all represent a spectrum of negative thought, emotion, and mindset.

Negative thought, emotion, and mindset is an influencing force on human expression known as the Shadow Body. The Shadow Body is the subtle body or seven layers of anti-matter from the Seven Planes of Existence hooked to the human body. The Shadow Body or Seven Subtle Bodies influence the angular rotation of particle spin that creates pre-determined situations. It’s like an Invisible Suit that we each wear in 3D reality that creates human expression.

The Shadow Body explained

Everything in life is controlled by Angular Rotation of Particle Spin. Angular Rotation of Particle Spin or ARPS is less about spin and more about momentum based upon a determined angle on a 360 degree circle. All positions on the 360-degree ARPS scale have a resonance or meaning that attracts thoughts, emotions, and mindsets. Those thoughts, emotions, and mindsets ultimately attract positive, negative, or neutral results into your reality. The 360-degrees can be referred to 360 degrees of dualistic life experience, in which a person experiences sadness and its opposite known as happiness.

The Shadow Body has intentions built into each specific angular rotation of particle spin, such as addiction, fear, abuse, theft, blame, etc. The Shadow Body governs everything. The Shadow Body is a forced fallen blueprint that governs, steers, and directs your life. It is one of the keys to parasitical access and manipulation of your consciousness.

Think of The Shadow Body as pre-determined, pre-set circumstances that override your history of divine right choices. Free Will Choice is not fully functioning in this time and space matrix as this is a training reality to understand extreme opposites of Love. If you are to understand the opposite of love, such as anger, aggression, jealousy, and greed, you must experience a limitation of choice.

You did not inherit pre-determined circumstances due to karma or poor choices from the past. Pre-determined situations were created by the shadow body to feed Source Light from your DNA template to parasites, specifically feeding oneself and the archetypes. If you do not have Source Light running through your subatomic particles and DNA template, your ability to manifest is compromised with limitation, lack, and illness.

What is Source Light?

Source Light is a blue-white hue colored light that is transmitted from Source Consciousness through a stepping down process through your Monad, Soul outside of time and space, and into time and space through your Rishi Self, Avatar Self, Oversoul Self, Soul Self, 3D Self, and finally Inner Child. The DNA Template is a name for all these aspects of you known as the Higher Self and the light is necessary for consciousness expansion, manifesting, and living without extinction.

The original human body was designed to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness in one incarnation. The orginal divine template was designed to naturally activate DNA strands four, five and six at the age of 12, strands seven, eight and nine at the age of 22, strands ten, eleven and twelve at the age of 33, and finally strands thirteen, fourteen and fifteen at the age of 44. Due to the lack of direct Source Light, natural activations have not occurred in humanity, leaving humans activated up to DNA strand 3 or the third chakra. This means you can only experience a maximum of three dimensions of consciousness, which is limited growth.

How Many Dimensions Exist?

There are fifteen different dimensions in our universal structure, which is called the Time and Space Matrix. Within the fifteen dimensions, there are five Harmonic Universes (HU). HU1 holds dimensions one through three and is where humans live. HU2 holds dimensions four, five, and six and is where our Soul Identity resides. HU3 holds dimensions seven, eight, and nine and is where our Oversoul Identity resides. HU4 holds dimensions ten, eleven, and twelve and is where the Avatar Identity resides. HU5 holds dimensions thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen and contains the Rishi self.

fifteen dimensional reality

What is DNA Activation?

Since DNA activation is not automatic, it must be created with words. The activation is based on using specific language in the form of commands, the use of Universal Laws, sacred geometry, and the 528 hertz frequency.

Your DNA responds to words. Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in junk DNA follows grammar and usage rules virtually identical to the human language. Junk DNA was laden with indications of intelligence, purpose, and meaning. Dr. Jeff Delrow discovered that the A, T, G and C of DNA naturally form fractal structures closely related to human speech patterns.

Just as negative, painful words lead to anger, anxiety, degradation, guilt, aggression, humiliation, depression, and resentment, so do positive, powerful words or commands.

Ascension is Soul Ascension

Just as you need commands, Universal Laws, sacred geometry, and the 528 hertz frequency to activate your DNA template to create personal ascension, your Soul also needs ascension.

Jehovah and Sophia, or your Soul, are growing through a transition in which he/she is regaining its Monad and Source Connection to Divine Love through the efforts of the world teacher Kuthumi. Kuthumi is a being who is providing the much needed Source Light connection in this time and space matrix until the Soul of all Humanity is restored to the divine blueprint.

Kuthumi is an ascended master who took upon the role of the pain of the world by balancing the Jehovah and Sophia energy as a fourth degree initiate or Christ being. Kuthumi does not prefer that title as it suggests masochism in a world that prefers sadism. Kuthumi is not here to supply distorted slavery ideas to those who enjoy abuse in the name of sexual release. Simply, Kuthumi is a being who already went through a Fall in another time and space matrix as a god creator, ascended out, and understands the ultimate power and elixir of divine love. Additionally, Kuthumi has a passionate love for her/his twin flame who lives the Sophia frequency. Kuthumi and her/his beloved twin flame are currently embodied as humans.

Earth and humans are in the midst of what is called a Stellar Activation Cycle, which occurs every 26,556 years. SAC’s are important periods of time because it is during these times that the process of biological Ascension is accelerated. Ascension can only happen as long as DNA is activated.

2012 was a confusing time as humans thought ascension meant leaving this time and space matrix. In truth, Ascension is Soul Ascension. Ascension is regaining what has been lost, the dropping of the Shadow Body, and the gaining of a Golden Body.

Why is DNA Activation Activation Golden?

Golden DNA Activation provides the keys from the Golden Liquid Realm or the Higher Self Universe of this time and space matrix known as the Absolute Harmonic Universe (AHU). It is representative of alchemically changing lead into gold, which is the path of self awareness to change our dense Shadow Body into a full Light Body. The Absolute Harmonic Universe is golden in appearance as it is composed of golden filaments and benevolent frequency.

Golden DNA Activation is the key to restoring the Divine Blueprint in your DNA template. The double helical, physical DNA is the surface representation of you while the DNA template is the multidimensional manifestation of your divine structure. The activation of the DNA template is the activation of scalar waves, which are longitudinal waves, superluminal, and a powerful non-hertzian energy identified by Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. They are the key to restoring the connection to all aspects of your Higher Self.

Golden DNA Activation is the activation of a Soul Template, Divine Love, Restoration, Ascension of Consciousness, Abundance, and Happiness. It is everything.

Golden DNA Activation do plan act
  • Golden DNA Activation© stops the repeating stories of lack, limitation, anxiety, and fear.
  • Golden DNA Activation© changes your angular rotation of particle spin to the Divine Blueprint.
  • Golden DNA Activation© connects you to all aspects of your Higher Self.
  • Golden DNA Activation© restores spiritual gifts, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance.
  • Golden DNA Activation© attracts new friends, lovers, travel, and experiences.
  • Golden DNA Activation© activates your four brain centers to create the gifts of remote viewing, channeling, shamanism, or Bi-Location of your consciousness.
  • Golden DNA Activation© activates intuition, creativity, and your soul purpose.
  • Golden DNA Activation© creates empowerment, self actualization, freedom, and sovereignty.
  • Golden DNA Activation© is abundance
  • Golden DNA Activation© is Soul Ascension

To read a definitive list of what Golden DNA Activation© can do for you, check out this article.

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