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Character Assassination

A video with ASMR storytelling that guides like a meditation with verbal commands to release depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder related to the experience of being defamed or slandered. The goal is peace of mind.

What is the source of Character Assassination?


Jealousy originates from Limitation. A jealous person sees you as having a gift, skill, charisma, talent, or ability that he or she does NOT have. The mindset of a jealous person is manipulation.

How does a Jealous Person manipulate? A Jealous Person controls a group’s perception of you, the Gifted Person, by possessing a group’s opinion by claiming you are full of fault. The result is a discredited, tarnished, and ruined reputation. After all, reputation is everything.

Reputation attracts money. Reputation attracts boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, and spouses. Reputation attracts friends who are willing to hang out at your barbecue as opposed to any other option. Reputation is key in a world that doesn’t know the REAL you.

I created a guided meditation with four release commands to remove depression, anxiety, and PTSD from defamation.

If anyone has ever lied about you, I recommend you watch it. It helps to close the door on pain.

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