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Jealous Ad Agency Co-Workers that Stopped Creativity and its Result

An advertising executive was known as Power Hour for his ability to close new clients by creative concept. Power Hour believed in himself, even though he was considered disgusting by his co-workers, as he valued running marathons, meditating, and sketching concepts over socializing in his off hours.

Jealous co-workers hatched an agenda. They would diminish his creative ideas to cause doubt. The team responded in disgust to Power Hour’s ideas, which caused a belief in smallness. His sales dropped to an all-time low. He felt overwhelmed with the belief that he lacked creativity, which created depression.

Power Hour made a choice. He would abandon the need for help from his team, allowing him creative freedom with his clients. Once the client agreed to the ad campaign, the team complied. Power Hour traded the idea of smallness with confidence.

Lack creates depression, which leads to oppression and an inability to move forward with goals. It creates a reality full of abandonment. Lack is a thoughtform and a belief that creates lack of money, lack of clients, lack of options, lack of dignity, etc. Drop the belief in lack AND change your strategy, you end depression.

And this is the story of Jealous Ad Agency Co-Workers that Stopped Creativity and its Result.

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Deborah Bravandt is a Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Codes of AH™ Practitioner, shaman, healer, sage, and founder of Divine Love Blueprint.

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