Karma Clearing

What is Karma?

There are two kinds of Karma, organic karma and inorganic karma. Organic karma is a result from consciously or unconsciously held decisions, attitudes, beliefs, thought forms, considerations, contracts and agreements that we live by and have made with other people.

Organic Karma is a ripening of thought or a mindset, and our emotions are like fuel for our karma. They originate from inherited imprints, collective imprints, beliefs, past choices, and mindsets.

Victimization Poverty Consciousness karmic imprints inherited collective negative implants


Inorganic Karma originates from parasitical and archontic subjugation with energetic devices and machinations. The term inorganic is used because it is not the Divine Blueprint. It is a structure built on looping, regurgitating karma that never ceases even after you have long learned your lesson and dissolved the imprint. Much like a virtual reality or simulation game, inorganic karma is created by Archons to create disharmony, discord, and cognitive dissonance to feed off human emotions like food. The Shadow Body, which is an Overlay from the Anti-Particle Reality, is a form of Demonic Intrusion of the Consciousness, a means of forcing emotions, thoughtforms, and mindsets, a tool that manipulates our lights of manifestation, and the creator of FALSE KARMA.

Inherited Imprints

Karmic imprints originate from the genetics of your parents or your ancestry. For example, you may inherit lack, limitation, poverty consciousness, obesity, cancer, unworthiness, undeservedness, self-doubt, guilt, or victimization from your parents. Some of these beliefs originate from religious indoctrination, addiction to the news, and other parasitical sources that were taught to you by your parents.

If these are not cleared, you will continue to walk the karma of your parents. It is not your job to take on your parent’s karma. When we are stuck, we are blind to our soul mission and purpose on the earth.

Collective Imprints

Collective imprints are psychic memories of current and past lifetime mass traumas such as war, famine, imprisonment, sexual exploitation, slavery, oppression, religious indoctrination, and mass migration. For example, some individuals who once were imprisoned in Nazi Concentration Camps have reincarnated and some are experiencing PTSD in their current lifetime because of the encoded memory in their DNA.

Past Choices

The Universe is built upon Laws. Some of those laws are the Law of Love, Law of Cooperation, Law of One, Law of Reciprocity, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction, Law of Abundance, and Law of Incremental Effects to name a few. If we choose cooperation, kindness, respect, love, joy, and humor, we attract more of the same.

If you choose to harm another being, such as judge, fault, shame, hate, lie, cheat, steal, or seek revenge, you are choosing to go against divine right order. By harming another being, we have created a Karmic Imprint.

When you make your choices in line with your Higher Self and Divine Right Order, your life just flows. When you make it in line with your personality and your ego, then you create these karmic patterns that block you from accreting more light into your field.

False Karma

False Karma is created by the Anti-Particle Body or Shadow Body. It is a Matrix Overlay of your light body that creates specific angular rotations of particle spin. False Karma is subjugated free will. False Karma is the cycle of repetitive, negative experiences that appear in your reality as looping, regurgitating drama, chaos, struggle, pain, and overwhelm even though you took action to change your heart and mind.

More specifically, an angular rotation of particle spin is created from a Thoughtform followed by an Emotion that solidifies a Mindset. They are three separate energies that create a specific angular rotation of particle spin, which is also a Complex. Complexes attract Implants.

Implants are holographic, inorganic programs that act like a temperature dial in the consciousness. Complexes can appear to be dormant although they are simply hiding in the shadow mind. If you are not aware of a specific complex running in your consciousness, the Implants will dial up the complex to different degrees. As an example, anger can be expressed as mild agitation, aggression, or wrath.

Implants enter the light body through the Gallbladder Meridian as an “intent” program moving into the Heart Complex, which is the control panel of the nadial circuitry system. The Heart Complex is behind the heart chakra and directs thoughtforms and emotions into your central nervous system and neurological messaging system. The Heart Complex is non-biased in that it doesn’t delete malevolent programs, but it is a sensitive light body instrument in that you can FEEL programs entering.

Once the implants enter the physical body through the central nervous system and neurological messaging system, the implants will raise the dial of pain. It is unavoidable to feel the intensity as the “virus” is running through your body network. It becomes easy to get sucked into the emotion because the virus is like an entity living within your consciousness.

If thoughtforms and emotions are ignored by addictions to comfort, they create mindsets and mindsets manifest as a complex and complexes build into identities and personas.

When a person is forced to experience specific angular rotation of particle spins, it’s a form of mind play to shift a person’s lights from one human to another. This is the reason people suffer financially. It is a distorted game of life, which is the theft of lights.

In order to eradicate false karma, it is important to clear the highest priority Complexes by unhooking the joining thoughtforms, emotions, and mindsets as they act like magnetic fields to one another. This can be accomplished with the Codes of AH© for they are living high frequency light particles that correct the template of the lightbody. When you correct the template, you affect the whole. The Codes of AH© and specific commands release the contracts that once held Complexes in place, thus eradicating false karma. The Codes of AH© are designed to permanently remove energetic, parasitical devices through stages and render their return obsolete.

It is true freedom because these programs can no longer act as a self-replicating virus in your neural nets. The ability to receive inorganic devices becomes unplugged, allowing you to accrete light, activate your highest holding potential of your DNA, and experience true happiness. It is also freedom from controlled, pre-determined karma, allowing you actually make choices in line with divine right order and FREE WILL choice.

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