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Arrogance Creates Loss in Business

What attracts loss? Negative thoughts plus emotions shared between two people create mindsets, which become firm creations. These creations are complexes that act like powerful hooks on your ability to manifest money, health, relationships, and many other things.

It is common in corporations for managers to rule with arrogance and entitlement as a thought form. This creates diminishment in the employees and company sales. The resulting mindset is disregard, neglect, and apathy, in which the managers, CEO’s, owners, and board of directors disown skill and experience.

What is the result? Loss. Loss of good employees, profits, and market priority. The key mindset that creates loss in business is apathy and neglect, in which a manager, owner, or CEO is apathetic to listening to the voice of the employee or valuing their knowledge.

To be a great manager or owner, the essential mindset to adopt is care, attention, consideration, and mindfulness. Drop entitlement and treat your employees and customers with respect.

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