Greed-Manic-Doubt, Story

Manic Mentor

Say no to mentors, shaman, healers, and coaches who abuse women, men, and children.

Tobias was an expensive mentor who played the tables in Las Vegas. He loved the game of holding, folding, and insulting. “I was born for the part,” he would say every time he pulled up his tighty whities.

He understood early in life that you win by victimizing people, which is a form of stealing power from other people. It’s a perfect theft as he could not get you arrested for cruel intention as it all operates in the thought realm known as higher dimensions.  He was a shaman, but not the kind of shaman you want touching you. He created more pain, generally through verbal abuse during his webinars. He was caustic, rude, bombastic, but free to rule in his tiny world because he was operating outside of 3D rules. And his was tiny. If you could bitch slap him into his next lifetime, it would be a wise choice.

As the narrator, I must tell you the truth. He was the kind of guy who found you on Facebook through an advertisement. You were feeling weak and doubtful after a recent breakup. You clicked his ad, watched his webinar, and then paid $5000 for “Lipstick Legend,” which was a live event for women who desired desirability without creating undesirability. He seemed to understand the logic of mania.

In truth, he was a con artist. He claimed to be a spiritual guru named Kuthumi, but he couldn’t bother to be loyal to a hermit crab let alone a soul mate. He piled his used underwear on his pillowcase hoping housekeeping would return them clean the next day. This man-boy did not know the difference between a washer, humidifier, and a Sodastream; they all seemed viable options for cleaning crust off underwear, if he could just get housekeeping to do their job!

Tobias was good at stealing energy and dollars, that is, until SHE came along. This woman didn’t take kindly to his behavior and swore to run him out of town if it was the last thing she ever did. He was a ruthless cowboy who needed to be taught a lesson. What did she do? She learned his gun slinging energetic tricks then used them on him. When she dismantled his power, he asked, “How did you do it?”

She said, “Greed creates doubt. Guess what? I’m Kuthumi, not you. Enjoy your karma.”

End of Story

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