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Bully Magnet Remover


Bully Magnet Remover is an audio recording that transmutes the root cause of attracting a bully. Bullying is built upon two basic players, which are the victim and the bully. This audio recording guides a person out of victimization and social attacks by transmuting the thoughts, emotions, and mindsets.┬áThe Bully seeks adoration from the victim and feels the victim is not providing what he or she wants. When the victim does not comply, the bully neglects kindness and seeks control through diminishment. Diminishment leads to an identification with punishment, which is the basis of a bully’s belief that his or her actions of attack are justified. Punishment leads to humiliation leads to the need to escape social criticism or further attacks, which leads to isolation. TRT is 1:12:06 or one hour, 12 minutes, and 6 seconds.