Grief Release from Relationship Loss


Grief Release from Relationship Loss audio file is designed to transform grief, despair, and sorrow into peace of mind, transcendence, and forward movement. The audio recording is a series of commands that transmute thoughts, emotions, and mindsets held in specific locations in the body with the use of language and sacred geometry. The commands immediately work at the subconscious level, creating fast acting results. TRT 51:36 or 51 minutes and 36 seconds.


Grief Release from Relationship Loss audio file releases you from suffering. Whether you experienced an end of a relationship by choice or a decision from your lover, Grief is felt as sorrow, bereavement, and despair. It can be felt as emotional and mental pain in addition to physical pain. The basis of grief is that one person holds the belief in Perfection while the other holds the mindset of Inferiority. To be identified with Inferiority is to feel defective, inadequate, and unworthy that it is impossible to transform your reality into impeccability.

The one who projects the thought of Perfection at another is ultimately a bully, distinctly ingrained with beliefs of entitlement without a basis in treating the other person with respect, kindness, or self awareness. Entitlement is another word for arrogance and arrogance will lead to diminishment of the other. Entitlement is expressed by refusing to understand the experience of the other person and projecting that his or her experience is the only way. Diminishment of one’s experience, knowledge, gifts, and ideas will lead to the mindset of neglect. Neglect is a neighbor to Apathy for apathy is born from pain.

This audio recording guides a person out of grief by transmuting the thoughts, emotions, and mindsets held in the physical body and energy body. If thoughts, emotions, and mindsets are not transmuted at the source, they will link to one another to create a complex that is held in the subatomic level. At the subatomic level, it creates a specific angular rotation of particle spin that ultimately projects what appears in your reality.

One complex will create and feed another complex, creating chains of pain. To transmute is to eliminate and this is done by addressing all associated complexes.

Since complexes are formed between two people, the link or cord is severed between you and this person. Cords are hooks on your subatomic particles that literally chain you to a person. It is like a lock on your DNA strands that holds you hostage to an emotion or mindset, creating malfunction in your ability to manifest the reality you desire. It is a lock on your lights of manifestation. To sever the cord is to retrieve your lights of manifestation, divine gifts, and freedom.

Additionally, there are energetic objects that appear in your energy body. Chinese medicine defines the energy body as Qi or vital energy that flows through the meridian channels. Energetic objects can appear as weaponry, such as a knife in the head, which can create a headache. Energetic objects or auric attachments are held in the meridians and vessels.

Implants are energetic objects held in the energy body and physical body that work in stages. Implants are like temperature dials that raise the level of intensity of thought forms, emotions, and mindsets. For example, a temperature dial may create cool sensations of annoyance, warm degrees of irritation, or finally hot aggression. Transmuting implants releases intensity and allows forgiveness.


Perfection creates grief that results in a mindset of inferiority.


Arrogance creates diminishment that results in a mindset of neglect.


Undeservedness creates degradation that results in a mindset of worthlessness.


Competition or judgment creates distress that results in separation and loss.

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