Rape, Disgust, and Lust

FFFFFFFourth of July is a rape term that Kavanaugh has made famous from his high school yearbook. It means “Find them, French them, feel them, finger them, f**k them, forget them.”

If you are struggling to determine whether Kavanaugh is telling the truth or not – or whether someone who has been accused of rape is guilty or innocent – please consider an easy method of truth finding. Sit by a person who is accused. Just sit by them. Close your eyes and ask with your internal thought, “Are you a rapist?” That person will answer your inner thought with an answer of either “yes” or “no.”

If that person is not nearby, just project your consciousness to their location. It is easy. The will is powerful. Just intend that you are sitting next to this person. You will see them with your inner site. As you see this person, ask, “Is it true? Are you a rapist?”

The person will answer truthfully because the inner consciousness CANNOT lie. Consciousness is designed to tell the truth.

I have learned the truth about mentors, so-called Mormon friends, and many others. You cannot hide truth when you are in a state of Divine Love. Divine Love will reveal all.

It works every time.

We have more intuition than we realize.

The truth is shouted from the roof tops and the floorboards every second.

We have more power than any god, magical jesus, or IRS agent.

We know the truth if we just trust ourselves.

Yes, Kavanaugh is a rapist. Just hang out in his heart for a minute and you’ll never forget that he is far from the “destroyed” American boy you see on TV. He is the rapist who gained power by stealing from WOMEN and MEN through disgust and lust. The complex is called Superior-Disgust-Lust. It is real.

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