Aggression-Fear-Greed, Story

Sell with Integrity

Car Salesman and Dissatisfied Customer

Lou was a teenager with a special gift. He could easily project fear into others without repercussion. He enjoyed the sweet pleasure of walking up to a stranger and whispering in their ear, “You will trip down stairs and die today,” and then walk away while the stranger looked back in horror at the cold smile building on Lou’s face. He didn’t feel remorse. He didn’t feel sad. He felt elated.

Lou wanted to murder without getting arrested so he studied at the School of Cormac McCarthy Psychopaths. Technically it wasn’t a school that one could get credentialed, but who’s counting when you have a goal that doesn’t require a degree.

Lou was all set on his path of menace and cruelty, until he read the fine print about psychopaths, which was a vow of poverty and frequent displacement from comfort. He loved the finer things of life, such as hard liquor to calm his frequent paranoia, fatty foods, and pretend sex, which was directly related to eating a fatty burger.

Upon reaching adulthood, Lou decided his gift was best served in the car sales industry, first as a car salesman and finally as a general sales manager. He could do two things. He could create massive fear to appease his cruel intentions while making massive amounts of money.

Lou became known as the Fixer. He was able to force an unprofitable dealership into profitability with aggression towards his employees. It led to a new dealership, a better salary and commission structure, and half ton truck loads of aggression.

Lou’s gift was based in the awareness that if you told a salesperson that he would be fired by the end of the day if he did not sell a car, that salesperson would enforce the same aggression on the customer to create fear, and ultimately sell a car. Lou needed the drug of greed as it fed his neurological system. When he bled, he only bled dollar bills and debt.

One day a cowgirl stepped into Lou’s dealership and changed the infrastructure of his dealership. She was immune to fear as she spent time in shamanic land, which was a free, non-credentialed school. She spoke a few commands over the course of a few months, and then left like the wind.

What did the commands create? It created sales with empathy, integrity, and impeccability. And profits increased.

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