Complex, Lie-Anxiety-Stagnant, Story

Missing Person

Alisabeth was a giver who never received. Her boyfriend Dade was oppressed by his constant state of lack. He needed her to fill the gap between the haves and the have nots, taking all that he could take without pulling the cord too tight as she might realize she was really caged. Dade had controlled Alisabeth by saying, “You accepted the neighbor’s gift. I can’t trust you.” Her soul was indeed breaking like a spring that had been uncurled and pulled tight.

Alisabeth broke up with Dade, telling him that she needed to take time off to get perspective. She went on a trip to understand if this was the right decision. While she was gone, Dade felt weak. He remained in his limited mindset as he just needed to control her. In order to possess her, he reported her to the police as a missing person with mental illness. He wanted the police to coral her like an old western round up and force her to return back home. It backfired.

The police regarded all mentally ill cases as worthless, yet entertaining as they could sell the story to the media for donuts and a good Friday laugh. It was fun for the detectives to not care. They made a living humiliating citizens. It made them feel superior and the sheer disgust of someone’s personal journey made them lust. It was private masturbation material.

Alisabeth returned from her sabbatical. Stories of her missing status and crazed behavior gained traction on the web, but ultimately blew away with the wind. She fared well as she spoke the truth. Dade did not. He entered the very thing he had accused her of. It was a growing anxiety, which is always based on a lie. Anxiety uncontained can lead to dread, panic, and agony.

Speak the truth. Accept only truth from others. Live impeccably and you close the horror story of anxiety.

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