“Deborah Bravandt, one of my friends, came into my store and offered to practice an energy modality on me. It consisted of three sessions, one would clear the Auric Field and the 1st Golden DNA activation, the second session consisted of Karma Clearing and 2nd Golden DNA activation and the third session would consist of J-seal Removal and the 3rd Golden DNA Activation. With no hesitation, I jumped at the chance sensing that this activation would also support the awakening and embodiment of the original consciousness programmed into the crystalline grid of the planet. So three early mornings on my trip along the Continental Divide, Deborah Bravandt did three distance healing sessions on me. It wasn’t until the third session that I felt the work. The third morning, there were distinct physical sensations, likened to a kundalini awakening. With this work came a vaster understanding of what I was doing and the arrival of the Kneeling Warrior Kachina doll. What has become clearer is that my trip along the Continental Divide had two functions. During the trip I activated my Golden DNA, earth star chakra, removed my Jehovian Seals and Crown of Thorns and grounded my energy into the Crystalline Grid of the Planet. The other function of this trip was to begin the process of doing acupuncture along the Spine of the North American continent.”

Velvet Phillips-Sullivan, owner of Rocks N Things


“After the healing sessions, I found on several occasions where I can manifest my thought into reality. Most noticeably is that my wife is conceiving our second baby now after trying for more than 2 years. In September, I did Auric, Karma and J-Seal clearing while my wife did Auric clearing. One month later, my wife is conceiving. And we did not do or eat anything different from the past. I heard from Toby class that he communicated with his son a few years prior birth. And his son required him to do certain energetic work before willing to come. Maybe my child are willing to come to us after we raised our energy through the healing sessions. Thanks to Deborah for her kind assistance.”

James Pang, Malaysia


“I AM Fantastic! The Golden DNA activation was the starting point! The Rebirth. During the weeks of the activation I was so excited and I would literally shake with anticipation waiting for my next activation. The transmission felt like my natural state.  I finally resonated with something! After this activation I realized the Power to gain clarity and for the first time in my life I could see clearly, why I am here! and Who I am at a Soul level! I am now in the process of setting up a practice of my own and I am moving from England to Australia. I have realized the power of my intent, which is getting more powerful everyday as my frequency rises. I create everything! I no longer allow others to create my life for me. The Golden DNA activation was the turning point between degeneration and programmed behavior, to the continuous accretion of light and living in line with my Higher Self.  During the time of my activation I was REALLY fragmented. I used to give parts of my soul away every day trying to gain approval. After my Golden DNA Activation, this all changed and now I can simply command soul fragments to be integrated back into my being and they are. Thank you Deborah.”

Hugo H., United Kingdom


“I just wanted to write you a short note to share with you my current state of being. This morning while still in a dream state I thought how wonderful it is that I’m discovering myself now and I have this time available for me (yes, it’s not fun to be out of the job, but it’s a good opportunity to start to get to know yourself). When I woke up this feeling didn’t leave me. On the contrary, I felt myself like an innocent child who feels how magnificent, beautiful and lovable he is, who feels his divine nature. There is nothing else to achieve, nowhere to go because he is whole and perfect as he is. It is such a wonder to get this feeling again! It was a bliss. Later today while I was meditating a thought crossed my mind “You are the destination”, and I felt it being so true.”

Tetyana  S., Switzerland


“I am now working towards being a Golden DNA facilitator, and I actually came out this weekend as an intuitive reader at an expo, and I was a hit! So many things are happening so quickly for me, and I thank you so much from my Christos Avatar self for being my Golden DNA Facilitator and helping my along my path.  Africa for me was definitively a very powerful trip for me, I got to do a lot of inner work on myself and it was a very expansive trip for me as well because I gained to much discipline and changed my perceptions of how I view the world. There are so many different opportunities coming over the horizon for me now, and I am taking it all step by step. Thank you so much, for all you have done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Joseph R., Scranton, PA, USA


“As part of my personal development journey I came cross Deborah’s website and had the opportunity to work with and receive her angelic guidance.  On the basis of our exchange and within a short space of time I was able to feel the shift at physical, mental and emotional levels. Through out the programme and upon completion Deborah was able to respond to my specific questions promptly and provide the necessary tools to work with. Her anchoring presence and clarity is much valued to the point that I recommended my partner to take up the programme which he did. This very timely exchange set me up for the next phase of my journey. With love and light.”

Arzu D., Istanbul, Turkey


“Doing the Golden DNA Activation with Deborah was the key to my life. Since completing this amazing session with her, the universe has opened up an incredible path that is more magical than I had imagined my life becoming. Just a few weeks after the activation, I met a beautiful soulmate who for innumerable reasons is the perfect partner for this time of growth in my life. I moved across the country to be with him and found a community that is my soul family in the process. I have been guided to a place where I can finally be all of myself surrounded by wonderful people who cherish my soul and nourish it with there knowledge and open arms. I have never felt so connected to myself, God, and life. I am certain that I am truly living my purpose and am so grateful for the divine unfolding of who I really am and what I can create. Working with Deborah was the best investment I have ever made. Seriously, the most healing and transformative choice of my life was the Golden DNA Activation.”

Kristine G., Baltimore, MD


“I just wanted to let you know that the day after our session I felt lighter and better than I have in perhaps my entire life. Thank you!”

Lori Spagna, Lightworker, Way-shower, and Change Agent www.LoriSpagna.com


“Deborah came into my life by total chance when I was viewing another’s website.  My intuition told me to follow her link and I am delighted I took this action even allowing for the fact that I live in Australia.    After the 8 sessions with Deborah I can see and feel the significant changes.  I have been doing spiritual unfoldment for well over 30yrs and also work in this field myself with a strong client base in my own Clinic –  so I am no stranger to changes in Divine Wisdom and Understandings.  After each Skype session with Deborah there were great changes happening during the next 48hrs.  The “unplugging”  from prior unconscious agreements and contracts is essential to be able to free yourself to fully follow your own Divine Wisdom well beyond the 5th Dimension.    Deborah had offered me a tool for create more changes and I highly recommend this empowering process.”

Libby Dartez, co-founder and network director www.Liforce.com.au   www.GlobalLightAustralia.com


“Hi Deborah. I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I feel something really interesting that I don’t know if I’m going to be able to explain, but I’m going to try. My whole life I’ve had this feeling of not really being here, not really present in my body, it’s like I constantly had to focus on keeping myself in my body, and it was a lot of effort and the second I tried to do something else, like talk to another person, I’d lose it. I could hold onto it if I were running, or washing dishes, or something else I could do while focusing on staying in this dimension, but as soon as I interacted with other people or was even around other people or got stressed or upset and lost my focus – it was gone. Then I’d have this feeling like I was in a carnival fun-house with all the weird mirrors. Complete with a funky feeling in my stomach because I always felt off-balance, like I really wasn’t completely in this dimension, or this plane – part of me was somewhere else.

I’ve had this sensation all my life so just learned to live with it. My earliest memories of this feeling were in pre-school. And it made life difficult most of the time, because even though I was smart and pretty, I always had this feeling which was awful. I was terrified when I was a little kid, that I wouldn’t be able to fit in, that people would notice – and they did – the other little kids sensed it and didn’t want to be around me. As I got older I got better at hiding it, fitting in, but I still always just felt off, like I had to try so hard, it was tiring, annoying, made everything seem like such an effort and I wondered it it was worth it. And because of what happened to me as a little kid (the other kids noticing and rejecting me) as an adult deep down I always felt fake, like I was faking it, and had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that on some level, even if it wasn’t conscious, other people could sense that I really wasn’t all there. It made life really uncomfortable.

The feeling is gone. I have this relaxed, comfortable feeling of being completely here and in my body, in this dimension, on this plane, that I don’t think I’ve ever had without having to use drugs, pills or alcohol. Now it’s just gone. Felt like someone turned off a motor inside me that was constantly running, and wasn’t supposed to be.

Right now, I’m just going to let it be, and feel gratitude and appreciation for it all, to you, to my guides, my higher self, and Spirit. Thank you. :)”

Ana S., San Diego, CA


“In terms of business results, more than anything, my wisdom and focus for growth has been very evident. The wisdom to hire more team members and the focus on growth versus working in the business on client work. I’ve been attracting more clients and great referrals. I’ve been able to implement growth systems and build a better support team. It seems so obvious now. I landed a 7-week project at a higher rate than my normal rate.

Also, one of the things I loved about our sessions is that you talked about my work within the category of futurist and I loved that – I have begun to anchor that idea within my business. I’ve also checked out that organization and will join.

Thanks for asking!”

April G., New Jersey

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