Betrayal-Grief-Regret, Rejection-Disgust-Lust, Story

The Duplicitous One who Yearned for a Soul Connection

The hidden evil one who promises healing but steals your power during sleep time.

There was a woman named Cayenne who lived in a time and space matrix where archetypes, souls, and the soul-less existed. In this story, an archetype is code for demons. Those with souls had a source connection to empowerment while the soul-less did not. In order for the soul-less to have power, they would call upon the archetypes to enter their bodies to create a chained relationship between themselves and the soul beings. It required creating nasty emotions that we need not get in to, but suffice it to say, disgust was Cayenne’s favorite creation.

Cayenne discovered she was a delightful, duplicitous soul-less being who was good at presenting herself as a benevolent being by day and an evil monger by night. It was fun for her. She had a following that joined her Hair Loss for Men and Women Academy because it was a problem for the souled ones. They thought by joining her club, her benevolence and specialness would love their hair back into place. It was not to be so.

Cayenne was a skilled sadist. She would travel like a shaman during sleep time to tie up, slap, and abuse her students for their soul energy. She could get away with it as the students just thought it was a bad dream and not real. She even got one student, Bee, to say, “I love you, my sadist.” Cayenne would laugh from the pleasure of the power. By morning, Cayenne could write a lovely note on Facebook about her growing ethics, values, and love of vegan food.

While Bee was suffering from enormous financial loss, humiliation, and suicidal ideation from the assaults on her consciousness, Cayenne was also suffering from assaults on her consciousness. You see, Cayenne was not duplicitous but split. Cayenne had sent her Shadow Body to the Underworld and hid it in a sarcophagus long ago in order to achieve enlightenment. This might have been possible but her husband Chubby was a skilled shaman who could remote view other people, find where they hid their shadow bodies, and eat their darkness in order to grow energetically obese. He was a thief of the dark.

By eating the shadow body of another, Chubby could assault another person in disguise as his appearance temporarily became that person. When Bee was raped, it was not whom she thought. It was Chubby. When Cayenne was raped, it was not whom she thought as Chubby had fallen into permanent cruelty by losing his soul connection.

Cayenne felt a responsibility to clean up Chubby’s choices since he was a fallen ascended master so she commanded a curse be placed on him. He must travel through twelve gates of suffering, relearn divine right order, and gain back his soul and ascended status once he could express understanding and compassion. It would be difficult as he would need to use the feminine energy to feel the thoughts, emotions, and mindsets that would torment him, as he ultimately rejected the feminine energy in favor of toxic masculinity.

In order to place a curse on Chubby, Cayenne had to call on the archetypes for their power. Calling on archetypes had its drawbacks. The archetypes were created from disempowerment, so naturally they were self destructive. Because Cayenne called upon Be-Waste archetype, the self destruction was inevitable. The doorway to her mind became wide open and all the districts of Be-Waste entered her. She couldn’t put her lipstick on straight. She drove like a maniac. Other drivers would shout at her, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” She couldn’t decide if it was compliment or an insult.

Bee was going through a strange transition in her life, the kind of transition that provided a fork in the road in which none can be taken. She was suffering from the effects of the curse, yet she learned how to transmute and resolve aspects of the curse by removing her emotional response with commands or simply pulling the darkly lit filaments from her body. This greatly displeased Chubby. He was so angry that he forgot to disguise himself as Cayenne, flew to Bee, and attempted to rape her. Bee was shocked to see Chubby and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I’m Cayenne,” said Chubby.

“No, you’re not,” said Bee defiantly.

“Prove it!”

“First, you have a penis. Second, I shall command you to be separated from my DNA template forever,” said Bee, stating the command that specifically removed Chubby from her soul body and Higher Self forever. He looked down at his energy body and realized his greed had caused him to forget to eat Cayenne’s shadow body. Now he wondered if he could ever fool Bee again. Reading his thoughts, Bee said, “Nope.”

Chubby left flummoxed. He couldn’t connect to Bee’s soul or power. He would need to harass his wife instead. Hearing Chubby’s thoughts, Bee felt compassion for Cayenne so Bee flew in a shamanic state to Cayenne to warn her. Bee found Cayenne sitting in her car in distress with a gun in her purse outside a hotel where Chubby lived. Cayenne wanted to finish her suffering, which is to say that she wanted to remove the sadist from this reality.

“I figured something out,” said Bee to Cayenne’s inner thoughts.

Cayenne was a gifted seer and clairaudient, so she knew it was Bee. “Why are you here?”

“I thought you were my sadist, but now I realize it was Chubby all along. Chubby is not an ascended master. He had a Walk-In during his childhood, which is to say that an ascended master walked-in then walked out. I believe it was my Higher Self who walked out,” said Bee.

Cayenne was shocked and cried from her long held grief. “Then I put a curse on you by accident,” she said.

“I know,” said Bee. “It is being resolved even now.” And there was love expressed between the two of them, resolution through compassion, understanding, and a sense of humor.

Cayenne restored her Soul Connection, which caused the districts of Be-Waste to leave her body, so the district flew to Chubby and entered him. Be-Waste helped Chubby create a Ponzi scheme that led to his arrest. The Ponzi scheme would have worked, but he just couldn’t generate enough power without a Soul Connection. Cayenne and Bee created a movement called “Divine Love Empowerment” that restored the soul connection of those who yearned for this divine power. All those who accepted this divine gift walked out of their torture chambers into bliss.

And this is the story of The Duplicitous One who Yearned for a Soul Connection.

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Deborah Bravandt

Proprietor at DNA Heal
Deborah Bravandt is a Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Codes of AH™ Practitioner, shaman, healer, sage, and founder of Emotional Intelligence Blueprint.

About Deborah Bravandt

Deborah Bravandt is a Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Codes of AH™ Practitioner, shaman, healer, sage, and founder of Emotional Intelligence Blueprint.

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