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The List of Complexes

Six emotions a person experiences in a day, jealousy, aggression, anxiety, grief, disgust, and hatred

Dr. Carl Jung defined complexes as knots on the mind that create foreign behavior.  I label complexes more specifically as a specific thought that creates a specific emotion that creates a specific mindset that are held in the body long term unless released by intent. I identified complexes through life experience.


Shame is a concept of having done something, either intentionally or unintentionally, as dishonorable, disreputable, and reproachful. It leads to a person feeling accused whether the accusation is truth or fiction. Hatred is the result, which is an inability to resolve the original intent. Perhaps someone shamed you online. Perhaps someone made your sexuality laughable or degrading. Perhaps someone considers your gender or race unacceptable. It creates hatred. Hatred is malice, hostility, and antagonism. Hatred feels like overpowering abuse and cruelty that it leads to loathing an idea, person, group, or self. All hatred creates punishment, which is discipline, penance, retribution, and torture. It is a mindset of enforcing pain or a penalty for a perceived transgression. Church members punish an outcast member through gossip, verbal abuse, ex-communication, and curses.


Failure is an idea of missing the mark in the creation of a goal. If the failure occurs, such as creating a business that fails and results in bankruptcy, it leads to an emotional response of guilt. Guilt is an emotional reaction of responsibility. A person may feel guilty for using his or her savings to advertise a business, leading to continual failure of profitability. Over time, the guilt may build due to use of credit cards. It may be guilt for wasting time on a venture that simply didn’t succeed. It results in rage or wrath. It is amplified at an individual or self who originally encouraged the goal.


Rejection is powerful because one person wants and desires a person who does not want him or her. It creates a link through disrespect, which is contempt, impoliteness, impertinence, and flippancy. It activates obsession, which is infatuation, a crush, passion, and compulsion without understanding why you are drawn to the person of interest. Obsession can mimic the “in love” sensation but it is only emptiness within the vessel of obsession. Obsession is like a sociopathic person treating the lover like an object. The lover does not understand how devalued he or she is in the eyes of the emotionally disconnected person because the lover only feels deep, abiding love that is not returned.


Superiority is a belief in being special, such as being better than another person based upon your social connections, intelligence, money, race, sexuality, or belief systems. It is a concluding thought based in circumstances. It leads to disgust. For example, a Christian may feel disgusted when a member of his or her church comes out as gay or a lesbian. Yet, disgust is disguised in something shocking. Disgust is linked to lust. To have lust is to covet another person’s body, gifts, money, knowledge, possessions, sexuality, freedom, etc. Lust is a so-called superior person’s desire to own you. If you attempt to break free from the disgust, the so-called special person will lust to control you. Lust is a prison for many non-sexual Christians wishing to control others who desire a normal, healthy sexual life.


A sadist victimizes, torments, bullies, abuses, and condemns. Sadism is outward abuse of an individual or group with the intent to create mania. A sadist loves what he or she does. It is ultimate power in abuse. It is pleasure in raising oneself over another person through torment. If you have ever been raped, it feels as if someone has taken over your mind and inserted their will. The rapist simply wants to raise his power over your power. Mania is a strange high as it doesn’t feel like a high, but rather, a bolt of energy that keeps you awake to foster an intensity of focus that feels insane. It’s overpowering of all intentions and pushes you like a slave driver. It leads to worthlessness, which is meaninglessness, ineffectiveness, unprofitable, and lack of purpose. Worthlessness is a depreciated value in the eyes of your circle of influence or the self. It crushes motivation.


Lies are necessary to create adoration, self importance, excessive gain, or fraud cover-up. Lies are necessary to build a false front in order to gain followers. The person may appear as a politician, swami, preacher, or online influencer in order to gain followers, yet this person cannot maintain his or her following by telling the truth as the person will look too common, normal, and similar to the person who needs help. Too much truth means the saint is similar to the sinner. Lying creates anxiety. Anxiety can be created in an individual who believes the lie he or she is told. Anxiety can be created in the individual who tells the lie. Anxiety is restlessness, panic, and dread. It is the opposite of order, peace, and tranquility. It creates depression, which is hopelessness, pointlessness, and repression of joy. Whatever you wish to enjoy in life, it is repressed into the feeling of depression. It creates a feeling of being stuck, stagnant, yet even those words are not adequate. It is difficult to pull oneself out of as if the grief keeps options hidden. Some people push through depression with medication, changing relationships, changing jobs, or even moving. Sometimes you cannot push through depression as all options have been extended.


When a betrayal happens, the disloyalty breaks down beliefs in love, honor, and respect. Betrayal destroys marriages, relationships, business structures, and friendships. The emotion is disgrace, which is dishonor, debasement, discourtesy, and reproach. A woman is jealous of her friend’s financial success, so she gossips about her friend to fellow church members by combining truth and lies. The defamation of character is disgraceful as her behavior creates lasting, unnecessary damage. A male preacher who declares homosexuality a sin while hiring male prostitutes is disgraced when a prostitute outs the preacher’s hidden behavior. It creates a mindset of punishment, meaning that the betrayal attracts justly earned suffering. Punishment is forfeiture, trial, and loss.


Aggression is a position of offense towards a secondary person as the belief is the secondary person will encroach on his or her territory, clients, contracts, property, assets, body, or space. Aggression is a form of protection by striking first. It creates fear, which is angst, worry, and concern for something that may be able to be created or attracted. Fear is a force that causes humans to fight for their life, to compete to avoid loss, to move mountains in order to sustain breathe. A salesman fears the loss of clients and territory when a new salesperson is hired in the same company. A business owner fears losing an existing contract when dis-favorable laws are created. A spouse fears his wife will leave him when she gets angry with his lack of performance in the home. It creates the mindset of sadness, which is hopelessness, anguish, dysphoria, restlessness, and listlessness. Sadness is long term suffering and pain for fear’s actual creation and loss of power in the form of a complex between you and another person.


Violence serves to create disturbance, brutality, tyranny, terrorism, and confusion towards a person or group of people. Violence is a thought designed to create a specific pain or penalty, which is humiliation. Humiliation is a form of debasement and confinement that is publicized for the many. In this day and age, social media is the tool for publicizing humiliation as it is quick, massive, and long lasting. The end goal is a mindset of surrender or abandonment of one’s path. If you are Christian and gay, the goal is to humiliate you to renunciate your gay beliefs and surrender to the Christian cause. Christianity financially prospers on the concept of wrongness, sin, and dependency, not free will choice, happiness, or assertiveness. Churches and pastors need their parishioners to survive, thus they are parasites of humans. Humiliation is a tool that is necessary to separate you from your love and happiness. If a person exposes your secrets, he or she feels you deserve the suffering. Revenge is the end goal either by the person tormenting the victim or the victim desiring revenge against the tyrant. Revenge is a counter blow, rancor, reprisal, and satisfaction that is gained by using the law or going beyond the law.


Vulnerability is a mixed bag. From a loving perspective, it is honesty, rawness, intensity, and need in a personal relationship. From a defaming perspective, it is exposure, susceptibility, lack of protection, and lack of safety from the person whom spoke his or her truth to a close relationship. Vulnerability leaves a person open to threat, deception, or harm when the person who holds a secret desires to shame, defame, lie, or blackmail the person who is hiding his or her truth from the public. It creates a false high known as euphoria. Euphoria is a pleasure based in keeping a secret between you and another person. The secret held is powerful as one loves the other without judgment, so it seems as the agreement is powerful, reinforcing, and delightful as long as the secret stays between the two people. It creates dependency. One depends on the other to keep his or her vulnerabilities silent. Dependency is addiction, neediness, and reliance. Dependency manifests in multiple forms, such as an addiction to a person, alcohol, pills, social media, popularity, winning, media, etc. It’s an inability to accept one’s internal beliefs that keeps a person addicted to something else.


To condemn, criticize, or judge is disapproval. To judge is to shift a group’s opinion of acceptance of you into dissent. It is gossip, slander, and defamation. It creates diminishment, regression, and decrease. If a person takes two steps forward, the judge will cause the victim to step four steps back. It leads to undeservedness, which means you are unrighteous, unfitting, lacking of praise, and due nothing. Undeservedness means you do not deserve money, friends, family, love, or opportunities. For example, if a Christian comes out to his fellow church members as gay, he is being authentic yet Christians will label this man a sinner with an immoral lifestyle, remove him from his positions, verbally castrate him, and claim that god as thrown him out of heaven. These are human ideas. These are human judgments that lack any kindness.


Neglect is disregard, carelessness, and avoidance. Neglect is avoidance of progression and forward movement. The neglected employee quits. The neglected spouse leaves. The neglected college course results in failure. Neglected debt in a business leads to collapse. It creates embarrassment. Embarrassment is dilemma, abashment, entanglement, and indiscretion. A person wishes to hide away when feeling embarrassment, but it is often impossible in a world of online permanence. It creates a mindset of inferiority, which is a personal reminder of being lesser, secondary, substandard, mediocre, menial, or far worse. To be inferior is to be stuck in place in the mind’s of people who either pay you or socially accept you. Inferiority is the inability to pay the admission fee of acceptance.


In a world that is built on comparisons, humans naturally seek to differentiate themselves from one another. This setting oneself apart is a form of separating humans by money, awards, beauty, gifts, and everything is comparison based on limitation. It creates jealousy. Jealousy is resentment against a rival who is perceived to have an advantage that creates an emotion of disadvantage in the jealous one. Jealousy leads to resentment. Resentment is cynicism, annoyance, and animosity.  Resentment is ultimately a grudge that breaks down healthy relationships.


Competition is the governing power of life, creating distinct beliefs in labels of “winners” and “losers.” All competition leads to a desire for more even though death is still a possibility. It creates the emotion of overwhelm from an excess of attention. Overwhelm is confusion, submersion, and bewilderment. Overwhelm makes action arduous as the conflict of choice overpowers the decision. It is intensity, excitement, magnitude, fury, and excess of power. It creates a mindset of survival. To survive is to subsist, persevere, and outlast. Positive perseverance is determination while abusive perseverance is theft, dishonesty, and a lack of ethics.  Survival is indebtedness to money in, money out. The salesman is in a state of need for more to survive, but there is always doubt in the background noise. What if I don’t make enough? What if I am not as good as people say? What if I fail to pay my car payments? It is the fight to escape death.


Confidence is knowing what you what and how to get it through choice, determination, and action. It is courage, tenacity, focus, certainty, grit, and trust. If a woman is skilled in a field, takes actions, and sees the result right in front of her, it is shocking when the manifestation is derailed. Shock is distress from disbelief that an event or result should not have been created, yet the reality did indeed arrive. Shock is an emotional impact much like a jolt, earthquake, or crash. It rolls over you like a wave over and over, paralyzing motion and action. Someone is refusing ownership. The girlfriend who is threatened by her ex-boyfriend that he will distribute nude pictures of her online is shocking. A person who has been raped does not report the rape immediately, or often never, because the person is still reeling from the pain and trauma. It is difficult to move when immersed in trauma and distress. It creates denial, which is disavowal of the truth. A spouse dies while the living spouse continues to believe the spouse is alive and will return home soon. An employee is laid off from his dream job, denying the past signs of financial abuse by management. It is difficult to accept the truth when the past projections were more appealing than the present moment of loss.


Perfection is the idea that nothing in your life could ever go wrong. Perfection is the idea of excellence, precision, and completion. Even if a person achieves a level of precision linked to perfection, the bar of perfection will be raised and thus never obtainable. Unobtainable is elusive, unattainable, distant, and impassable. This leads to grief. A perfect marriage dissolves. An employee is laid off from a perfect job when technology makes the job obsolete. Beautiful people age with wrinkles and ill health. Grief is heartache, lamentation, and bereavement. It creates isolation, which is separation, segregation, remoteness, confinement, withdrawal, and reclusion. Isolation is distress. Isolation is a feeling of violation from a loved one, so removing oneself from the trusted, loved person is necessary to avoid further pain, affliction, and suffering. It pushes a person away from the intense focus so that he or she can find peace and quiet in isolation. Isolation is necessary to regain equanimity, repose, and composure.


Corruption is manipulation, perversion of integrity, malfeasance, and immorality. Corruption is crime, fraud, exploitation, and unfairness. It is an action that breaches ethics, whether legal or personal. It is reprisal outside the law that fabricates a conclusion by enforcing an unethical action. A man lives off the income of his wife while giving his love away to another woman. A mafia type person extorts income from a business person with death threats. A football game is fixed by paying off a team to fail. It creates anger, which is acrimony, impatience, and temper. Anger is an emotional reaction of remorse for trusting another person, yourself, an organization, or anything that failed you. And by failure, I mean that the result would have been successful had the invading force of dishonesty and corruption not entered your reality. It creates victimization, which is a mindset of being cheated, deceived, sacrificed, a fool, and frail. A victim suffers from an injurious action. It is difficult to pick up the pieces when you feel like a scapegoat as failure, suffering, and death is easy to re-create.


Selfishness is narcissism, ego, narrow mindedness, prejudice, and lack of generosity. At the core, selfishness is lack of gratitude as no one succeeds without the help of another, so it is the lack of giving back to others with a divisive, self centered thought. It creates an emotion of arrogance, which is mockery, derision, disdain, insolence, and disparagement. It is an emotional state of self importance as a reaction for believing you are at the bottom because of another person’s achievements. The arrogant one must hide his inferiority in laughter at the person of target, which separates this person from a group. It creates a mindset of doubt. Doubt is disbelief, uncertainty, and distrust. Doubt builds into overwhelm as a mindset, which is submersion, overpower, and confusion. As an example, a salesman wins a big contract. He is a winner, praised, and honored by his company. He quickly feels the desire to celebrate by buying a new car for himself and his significant other.


Obedience is the act of surrendering your will to someone else’s will. It is submission, subjection, and surrender through self denial. It is a form of masochism. It creates degradation in which the person whose will has been subjugated his or her free will choice in order to gain. The gain is greed. A person posts a sex tape online in order to create a celebrity status. It degrades the self, yet creates fame and money. A church subjugates its followers by having them believe they are sinners and must pay tithing in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. The church leadership gains by greed. Greed is excessive coveting, extreme desire, and ravenous thought and action. In order to create excess, it is necessary to step beyond ethics, kindness, and legal boundaries. It’s a person who takes out a $100 million loan knowing he will not repay the debt, hide the money, declare chapter 13, and walk away a rich man without need for restitution.


Manifestation is life. You set goals and intentions in order to take action in order to attract that which you desire. All manifestations have expectation at the core. Expectation is not unhealthy, yet it can lead to imbalance when the results are not accepted. Disappointment can feel like a blow to the head, like bad luck, misfortune, and disaster. When disappointment of the desired outcome is not released, it creates blame. Blame is an attack, denunciation, castigation, and incrimination towards the self or another person. Blames rejects the message, which is the imperfection of power, people, and events. No one manifests perfectly. Let go of blame.

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