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The List of Psychological Complexes

The List of Psychological Complexes as identified by Deborah Bravandt

This is a list of psychological complexes that are self identified. I am influenced by Dr. Carl Jung, yet I have made my own conclusions based upon life experience, visual imagery, self hypnosis using sacred geometry, and the gift of shamanism.

During the years 2012-2015, I would undergo a method called Golden DNA Activation. This may sound like an esoteric, unusual term, yet it simply means activating the subconscious mind into consciousness. Since the subconscious mind defines humanity’s belief systems in the form of visual imagery and is directing my life, I chose to understand its truth.

In 2016, I witnessed unique images appearing into my inner mind that I had never seen prior to this year. The images were like pop-up screens in my mind that demanded attention whether I wanted to see them or not. I witnessed them without judgment, without fear, and without blame. I simply wanted to know what they meant as the subconscious communicates to the conscious mind with visuals.

Thankfully, my work load allowed me the time to delve deep into the origin of these images to understand the meaning. I discovered that the images carried a specific intent, tonality, and frequency. As I focused on these images, I understood that they represented a thought or intent from a human being. As I continued my focus, I could see or often feel who had sent me the negative intent.

For example, I would see cuticle scissors jabbing at a specific part of my body. It didn’t hurt because it was simply a visual image or thought that someone projected at me. As I witnessed the image, I began to feel a sense that someone was jealous of me, which was that person’s emotion not mine. Over time, it built into a more violent image, which related to the concluding mindset of hatred or resentment.

The meditative focus from these images became the basis of my theory of the list of psychological complexes, which is the belief that a specific thought creates a specific emotion which creates a specific mindset. It was consistent every time with no deviation. I believe I was witnessing through images, emotion, and feeling-based sensory the creation of a Complex in my body, which is a thought-emotion-mindset energetic chain created by a person with an intent to harness and control my own light supply.

Light supply is limited in this time and space matrix due to the fall of humanity’s soul. Just as our body needs food and water, our DNA template or spirit body needs a source to exist in this time and space matrix. To gain light and increase one’s light quotient, actions are taken by either giving or taking. Light supply can be gained through kind efforts. Light supply can be gained through cruelty. Humans tend to default to cruelty as their first form of acquiring source energy as it is programmed into their shadow body to seek divine love at all cost, even to the detriment of self. All cruelty is self defeating, self annihilating, and self destructive. Just look at the state of our reality.

Dr. Carl Jung defined complexes as knots on the mind that create foreign behavior. I chose to use his label “complexes” to be consistent with his psychological term.

I believe that once a Complex is formed, emotions are hooked deeply in the Chinese Meridians, chakras, subatomic particles, and DNA template creating the very pain and suffering that humans experience in this reality. Why do humans need medication for depression, anxiety, and fear? Complexes are firmly fixed in the body and continue to thrive like a growing empire until the energetic cords, between you and the person who created the psychic intent, are severed. The severing and transmutation of the energetic cord is freedom from feeling the on-going burden of negative emotions.

Thus, it is my goal to help you alleviate pain and suffering in the best possible way so that you can experience a reality closer to the divine blueprint, which is happiness, abundance, health, and bliss.

Here is the List of Psychological Complexes:


Shame is a concept of having done something, either intentionally or unintentionally, as dishonorable, disreputable, and reproachful. It leads to a person feeling accused and thus angry. Anger is an inability to resolve the original intent. Perhaps someone shamed you online. Perhaps someone shamed you behind your back and people believe the stories. Perhaps someone made your sexuality laughable. Anger is an emotional reaction of remorse for trusting that person who never believed in you originally and thus, never deserving your time, attention, and love. It creates violence, which is physical force, ferocity, cruelty, and inhumanity in the form of actions.


Betrayal is shocking. A person that knows your hidden fears, doubts, and vulnerability can use these against you. If a person exposes your secrets, it feels like a violation. The person who shares your vulnerability is exposing you for power. It leads to an emotional response of grief. Grief is the dissolution of a perfect marriage. An employee is laid off from a perfect job when technology makes the job obsolete. Grief is heartache, lamentation, and bereavement. It leads to regret. Regret is painful as it is based in a desire for an apology that never comes. Regret resides without restitution or restoration.


Judgment is forming an opinion, perception, or conclusion on the basis of positional entitlement, such as social, financial, religious, or corporate superiority. The judgment from the position of power denotes the loss of value, which is ultimately degradation, diminishment, and worthlessness. It activates obsession. Obsession is the need to replay the traumatic moment in the hope that the story changes into something different. Obsession is infatuation, delusion, preoccupation, compulsion, and manic attention. It is the inability to let go of a relationship that ended against your desire or a relationship that never formed.


Rejection is powerful because one person wants and desires a person who does not want him or her. Rejection is more powerful than a simple “no.” It is abandonment of value. It creates worthlessness, which is meaninglessness, inferiority, and pointlessness. It is felt as a devaluation of point, a literal dropping of a frequency of meaning and purpose. It leads to disgust, in which the cheating husband or false ascended master are repulsed by an opposite person. Disgust is disguised in unfulfilled longing. The cheating husband and false ascended master are desiring something from the other, perhaps integrity, impeccability, and happiness that the cheating and lying is not creating. Disgust is linked to lust. To have lust is to covet another person’s body, gifts, money, knowledge, possessions, sexuality, freedom, etc. Lust is a a desire to own you. If you attempt to break free from the disgust, the so-called special person will lust to control you.


Manifestation is life. You set goals and intentions in order to take action in order to attract that which you desire. All manifestations have Expectation at the core. Expectation is not unhealthy, yet it can lead to imbalance when the results are not accepted. Disappointment can feel like a blow to the head, like bad luck, misfortune, and disaster. When disappointment of the desired outcome is not released, it creates sadness. Sadness is long term grief. It is sorrow, anguish, distress, and disconsolateness, which is the state of being inconsolable.


Aggression is hostility, antagonism, and belligerence. Aggression is different than violence in that it forms an idea that violence will occur, yet it is just short of it. In the age of mass shootings, aggression is the threat to enforce a result. Aggression is a tool to enforce power without actually taking the physical action. Aggression is enforced with words through fear. Fear is the emotional reaction to the possibility of loss of perfection or the high. Fear is a force that causes humans to fight for their life, to compete to avoid loss, to move mountains in order to sustain comfort. Fear feels like the annihilation of self in the confrontation of loss of power. It creates greed. Greed is a hunger for excess. Greed is based in selfishness in which the greedy one craves more food, money, sex, and attention at the expense of another person. It is ravenous behavior without remorse, caution, or responsibility. A man who spends his wife’s savings on his sex addictions is greed. A mentor who claims to be an ascended master in order to take money to feed his gambling and drinking habit is greed.


Punishment is chastisement, infliction, and control of a person’s behavior through harm. Punishment is the thought that one form of behavior is more superior than another form of behavior, and thus, a policing force must be imposed upon a person who steps outside of the social law. Humiliation is the emotional tool that enforces a social rule. Humiliation is always performed in a group with the intent to defame, slander, and destroy a person’s sense of well being, will power, and empowerment. Punishment is the destruction of an individual’s internal law with the overlay of an external, patriarchal law designed to get money, power, and adoration. Punishment is nothing short of evil. It creates a need to retreat or hide from the pain to sustain breath, which is isolation. Isolation restores and rebuilds the very essence of who you are through privacy and solitude. It is a simple act of regaining your internal truth through extricating yourself from absolutism.


Failure is an idea of missing the mark in the creation of a goal. It’s a miscalculation, a defeat, a theft, or sabotage. Failure is unexpected because all the research, intention, and will is directed towards a sure win and success with confidence. When failure occurs, it is shocking. Shock is impact, collision, trauma, injury, and stupefaction. It’s the idea that you should have, would have, could have won something but you did not. It creates a longing for the end of the pain, and the end is death. Death is the end or loss of something of value. You may experience death of an income, marriage, fame, friendship, child, or love. It’s the idea that you should have, would have, could have won something but you did not. Death is ultimately destruction, waste, and loss. Loss feels permanent, which is why it is difficult to accept.


Blame is disparagement, culpability, liability, and condemnation. Blame is the act of holding someone responsible for a failed result, typically someone other than yourself. It feels too vulnerable or truthful to accept self blame or self responsibility so blame of another person becomes easy, natural, and inherit. Blame is the result of internal loss, which leads to accusing someone else for gain of power. The power extraction is theft, which is built and displaced in the emotion of guilt, which is the knowledge that power is gained through exposure of information that is misconstrued, misrepresented, and false. Guilt is culpability, wrongdoing, unlawfulness, and delinquency.  It results in rage or wrath. Wrath is an appetite for expressing obsessive anger, fury, and resentment towards something other than yourself.


Lying is dishonesty, fiction, slander, defamation, deception, and falsehood. When a person lies, anxiety will automatically be the response. Anxiety feels like disorder, confusion, misdirection, unhappiness, and dread when amplified. When a person lies to a secondary person and the secondary person believes the lie, it will create anxiety in the believer. The liar will also feel anxiety. Anxiety is dread, as if you have to spend the rest of eternity in hell without a release into divine love. The loss, misdirection, or fall from the lie builds into a mindset of depression. Depression is stagnancy, disconnection, and a lack of purpose. We all have a reason for being here on earth at this time. When that purpose is removed through external forces, you experience a sense of listlessness, imbalance, and purposelessness that enforces self destruction, which is self implosion or depression.


In a world that is built on comparisons, humans naturally seek to differentiate themselves from one another. This setting oneself apart is a form of separating humans by money, awards, beauty, gifts, and everything is comparison based on limitation. It creates jealousy. Jealousy is covetousness that forces a person’s free will into a jar in order for another person to feel safe and powerful. Jealousy leads to a limiting mindset of hatred. Hatred is loathing, abhorrence, resentment, and hostility.


Neglect is failure, mistreatment, and abandonment of responsibilities. It’s a form of non-competition in which the focus is on the self rather than the whole. A classic example is a married man who uses his earnings and his wife’s earnings to gamble for his selfish interests that produce a high. The high will not feed his wife. The high will not feed their child. The high will not serve the marriage, but the neglect of the relationship feeds his addiction. He does not consider the gradual building of the death of the marriage because all he sees is the wife feeding his needs, never seeing his need to give to the whole for it to survive. When his wife leaves him, it creates embarrassment as it could have been avoided. Embarrassment is awkwardness, dilemma, and confusion. It results in doubt. Doubt is uncertainty, indecision, hesitation and suspicion. It is a feeling that going forward produces nothing, yet going backwards is just as nonproductive. Doubt can lead to apathy.

The List of Psychological Complexes as identified by Deborah Bravandt is meant to help you understand what is influencing your emotions and mindsets, which is the creating force of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the gift of understanding influencing forces and choosing how to respond to those forces.

If you wish to learn more about my method as to how I eliminate the sabotaging force created by the list of psychological complexes, please check out my method page. You can also work with me live on Skype to transmute the list of psychological complexes at my mentoring page.

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About Deborah Bravandt

Deborah Bravandt is a Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Codes of AH™ Practitioner, shaman, healer, sage, and founder of Emotional Intelligence Blueprint.

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