The Tools of Self Actualization

I use two distinct tools to facilitate the healing of mental and emotional well being in my clients. I use verbal commands with specific language and sacred geometry.

First, the verbal commands are based upon the concept that our DNA responds to words. Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in junk DNA follows grammar and usage rules virtually identical to the human language. Junk DNA was laden with indications of intelligence, purpose, and meaning. Dr. Jeff Delrow discovered that the A, T, G and C of DNA naturally form fractal structures closely related to human speech patterns. Just as negative, painful words lead to anger, anxiety, degradation, guilt, aggression, humilation, depression, and resentment, so can positive, powerful words create happiness, creativity, love, and abundance.

The commands are focused on removing negative thoughtforms, emotions, and mindsets in specific areas of the body. For example, thoughtforms are held in the central nervous and neurological messaging system. Emotions are held in the cells of an area in the belly known as the hara point. It is the place from which we manifest ideas, hopes, and dreams. Mindsets are held in heart region, which spreads into the meridians and vessels identified in Chinese Medicine. All three create a physical outcome in the body at the quantum level, such as a complex and the complex creates pain. Thoughtforms, emotions, mindsets, and complexes all release when they are targeted with specific wording.

Second, sacred geometry is another term for fractals, mandalas, art, or codes. We are physical beings who also have light bodies based in dimensional aspect. We have a structure of four bodies based in four of the fifteen dimensions in a fifteen-dimensional time and space matrix. These bodies become less physical the wider we expand in the dimensions. If you were able to see yourself in the twelfth dimension, your body would be composed of silver liquid light composure. If you were able to see yourself in the fifteenth dimension, your body would be composed of anti-matter. Beyond our time and space matrix, we are not physical bodies but fractal images or codes. We are composed of sound, color, symbols, and light.

I chose to use a specific set of mandalas, known as the Codes of AH©, for the purpose of creating wholeness and wellness. Ivonne Delaflor is the creator of the Codes of AH©. Ivonne says, “Geometry, or sacred art, as it is known in many spiritual traditions, is created for the achievement of states of inner beauty, in architecture of harmonic spaces, and to support peaceful or transcendental states of meditation.” Much like mandalas, the Codes create positive change because they carry the highest energy vibrations into the subconscious mind and infuse the body, which is necessary to activate change and accrete light.

Each Code is infused with layers of images, colors, sanskrit, numbers, intention, and precise measurement. Before Ivonne releases a Code to her practitioners, she spends hours chanting, meditating, and encrypting ethics and values into each code. At a very simplistic level, the codes are math and they are correcting the mathematical distortions in our scalar waves.

How Do I Know That my Commands with the Codes of AH© Create Results?

I was born Clairsentient, which means that I feel other people’s thoughtforms, emotions, and mindsets by their desire to dump their unconscious projections. The thoughtforms, emotions, and mindsets are received through my lightbody as if I have an open door. When the energy enters my lightbody, it feels like someone has dropped their suitcase of baggage in my body and it appears like an holographic book composed of images with agenda. Through the majority of my life, I did not have any understanding as to how to stop the entrance of this energy, so I would work it out of my body through hiking or running.

With practice in meditation in motion, I realized that Clairsentience has its benefits. It created a desire to put my mission in motion by believing that the information, that was downloaded over a course of a lifetime, had purpose. It required the use of Emotional Intelligence, which I define as the ability to identify what emotion, thoughtform, or mindset I have received, who it is from, why it was sent, and to respond with kindness, grace, and love rather than add to the conflict. Everyone originates from love — or vibrational harmony — so I choose to respond with love in all conflict.

Through trial and error, I found the recipe for transmuting thoughtforms, emotions, and mindsets at the quantum level. After having success with myself, I tested them on willing clients who also experienced results that created freedom from trauma, overwhelm, sadness, fear, anxiety, and depression. I have also witnessed a secondary effect in my clients, which is the creation of the flow of financial abundance. I do not mean to imply that my clients get rich, for wealth and abundance has different labels and interpretations based on the person, but I have witnessed huge jumps in my client’s income.

I do not claim that this work will free you from bodily disease, but it will transmute all negative thoughtforms, emotions, and mindsets so that you experience an expansion of emotional intelligence, abundance, creativity, and love.

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