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Vortex of Emotions

Man who has negative emotions of jealousy, guilt, and anger

Do you attract degrading emotions? It’s not easy to break down broken-down programs handed from one lineage to another. It’s possible. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Choose to love one thing about yourself each day to feel the natural state of your being, which is happiness.

60 Seconds to release of all negative Emotions

Financial Abundance Activation


Financial Abundance Activation transmutes cords and complexes to free your ability to manifest the reality you desire. The recording contains no storytelling as its focus is release commands. TRT 18:26.

Deconstructing the Millionaire and Billionaire DNA Template


Deconstructing the Millionaire and Billionaire DNA Template audio recording is a mystical realism story guiding you to the wisdom of what creates a millionaire or billionaire so that you can manifest financial success in your reality. The recording contains release commands. Total running time is 69:00 or one hour, nine minutes, and zero seconds.

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