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What Kills Depression?

All oppression starts with the experience of Lack. A lack of ideas, creativity, money, investors, health, friends, love, or kindness.

Lack creates the emotional effect of Depression. Depression is hopelessness, meaninglessness, apathy, and a belief that all your efforts will not change your reality. But depression is a lie because it can be transmuted and forgiven by choosing motivation over Oppression.

Motivation means leaving an abusive workplace for an environment that fosters your humanity. Motivation means retiring the need for comfort and accepting the unknown to create your dream. Motivation is created by action and action destroys depression, which dismantles the oppression.

What kills depression? Sheer determination and action.


About Deborah Bravandt

Deborah Bravandt is a Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Codes of AH™ Practitioner, shaman, healer, sage, and founder of Divine Love Blueprint.

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