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Why You are Angry

Why are you Angry?

Anger is a partnership of two forces in which one of the partners is silent. Anger is the present and accountable emotion while Shame is the silent partner, the thought form that projects in the background. Shame is the belief in eternal lack of resolve.

Emotions are indicators. Anger indicates that someone has projected Shame at your choice or action. It doesn’t matter whether the other person’s interpretation of your choice or action is false. It doesn’t matter whether your friends, family, and associates agree that your decision was correct.

It DOES matter that you feel anger as the anger is an indication that you accepted BLAME. Accepting the blame for shame is agenda that happens like a silent handshake of agreement. By resolving the blame for the shame, you resolve the anger.

If anger is left unchecked or ignored, it builds into waste, destruction, and ultimately the Shame-Anger-Violence Complex. So, be kind to yourself and transmute the shame thought form.

Transmutation is a form of forgiveness without dogma, penance, or rules. Forgiveness has been distorted by religious conditioning. Religion is designed to control your personal authenticity, sovereignty, self empowerment, and check book. So drop all ideas of bending your knee to an entity that needs your worship as worship is demonic. Forgiveness without the trappings of the shadow body is a gift of freedom of your etheric, emotional, and mental body. It literally frees your subatomic particles of parasites.

Transmutation is forgiveness on a higher level as it is based in specific language that positively affects your DNA. Transmutation uses sound (words), symbols, colors, and light (sacred geometry), all of which we are beyond this time and space matrix.

If you focus on self forgiveness to transmute the belief in the unobtainable peace of mind because of Shame, you let go of the silent handshake of blame. Your intent collapses scalar waves of consciousness into 3D. Your DNA literally becomes your projector of reality.

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