Betrayal-Grief-Regret, Expectation-Disappointment-Sadness

You’re Doing It Wrong

Dealing with pain and suffering with awareness

“Life is easy. You’re just doing it all wrong.” Has anyone ever said this to you?

The person telling you that life is easy is generally a person who has had minimal challenges as compared to your challenges. What does that mean?

We all came into this reality to learn aspects of ourselves in a convoluted, often destructive reality. Some took on easy learning while others took on aggressive learning. Either way you look at it, no one is without learning. “If you desire ease, forsake learning,” said Nagarjuna, a Buddhist philosopher.

He also said, “There is pleasure when a sore is scratched, but to be without sores is more pleasurable still. Just so, there are pleasures in worldly desires, but to be without desires is more pleasurable still.” Since we do not live on air alone, we must work to create food, clothing, rent, taxes, etc., thus desires are necessary.

Perhaps Nagarjuna was not living on air alone either. Perhaps he meant to say, “Hey bub, just take the path between the two extremes.” If getting rich is your thing, do it. But expect the unexpected. A sore may rise that you will wish you never made the choice that you did to attract that sore. But a sore never experienced is knowledge unknown. Perhaps it is the initiation of pain that profoundly pushes your goal of wealth into your reality.

Nagarjuna encourages the middle way. Perhaps the middle way is forgiveness and moving forward.

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